Bits + Pieces

As I clicked my WordPress reader, I came across this notification…diwunian

Talk about surprise and shock. I didn’t realize it’s been five years since this dot on the interwebz has been created! I don’t really consider it to be five long years since I didn’t start blogging religiously then; I started writing here during freshman year which was around three years ago. My blogs are scattered on different platforms but I’m happy that I chose to stick with WordPress. I rarely come across blogs that share the same, shallow interests with me on here but it’s always nice to read more sensible and thought-provoking posts from verb-slinging bloggers of this wonderful community!

If my blog were a toddler who just turned five, let’s say that I wasn’t the best babysitter. I’ve neglected it a lot, sort of abused it with a lot of hatred through endless ranting, and left it hungry with so many pending posts and abandoned drafts. #whatamisaying #lookmikahashtags #instamood #instafood #TagsforLikes #insidejoke

I recently borrowed this Minolta from my lolo! I’ve always been curious on how analog cameras work. I was still very young when I was growing in a film-snapping world… I still remember tagging along to have photos developed, and those days when opening the back of the camera when there was still remaining film was a mortal sin. Today, everything’s been replaced by digicams and smartphones, which sorts of sucks actually, at least for me. My brother labels me impractical for trying out some film, but I think it’d be cool to live the past. Well, if I enjoy it, at least it can be something new to try out this summer, as well it being another gear to bring during upcoming travels.

I haven’t gotten some film so I’m snapping around using expired film. Don’t exactly know what that’s gonna produce, but I hope it gives some awesome light leak and exposure imbalance awesomeness. Let’s see what surprise it’ll bring.


DSC01338 DSC01341

Played Clue with my brother one hot afternoon! Haven’t touched this boardgame since I was in grade school, and it was nice to relive a favorite game of mine way back. A fond memory of mine with this is walking all the way to my neighbor’s house to play with her and her mom. We were already happy kids just by doing so. And I remember boardgames were all what we played with during typhoons and no-electricity days. Nitch, let’s?


Look who’s all proud sending me a picture of her own version of ddeokbokki… all the way from a cozy apartment in Incheon, Korea!


Joy cooked this dish! So cute. Even the tablecloth pattern is too cute. I can imagine myself eating kimchi with that cute fork on that very same table. Haha. Can’t wait to whip up some dishes in the homeland!


And what I’m looking forward to is getting to ride roller coasters and log jams with this group of people tomorrow! I swear I’m broke. Gonna sign up for a summer job so… wan’an!


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