7:03 am: Annoyed!

So I set my alarm to 6:35 on a non-school day, press “snooze” endlessly and get myself out of bed four minutes after, stare at the red stripe shirt and faded jeans hanging on the hanger of my closet, and go straight to the bathroom to take a shower. Documents are lying on top of my bag and all, ready to leave within an hour.

And I find out the embassy is closed today.

Are you serious?!?!?!?!

Not just here, but all the ministry’s embassies around the world.

Pretty much my fault since I should’ve double-checked last night… but how I was supposed to know they posted the announcement 15 hours ago on a page I’ve never even come across before?

Now I have to sign the documents all over again. Times two. This is the third time.

I’m stupid, and I’m sorry to the people I’ve caused so much trouble to. 😦

Why is this happening? Is it a sign of some sort? This should have been the highlight of my prom day, but wow. Oh well, optimism still reigns in me… I still have a very good feeling about the trip. No use in making up scenarios in my head.

But still, I could have done so much on this day. The anxiety is prolonged… again. Make it, break it, whatever!


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