Day 48: Travel Hungry


The wanderlust in me is happy again! I spent a few minutes at the TravelTour Expo held at SMX last weekend. I came literally thirty minutes before closing time, which led me to missing the most important things of the event. A lot of the booths were already empty, with spotlights turned off and facilitators tidying up things as I passed by. Just by the fact of missing the sushi cooking demos and the meet-and-greet Hello Kitty event makes me want to punch myself, but I’m glad I was able to see a glimpse of how the convention was like.

DSC00999 DSC00997 DSC00994

Hong Kong, my first love in traveling abroad. The trip didn’t seem like a long time ago. I went there a few days before high school life officially started, but to me, they seem to be vague memories already. But what I will always remember is crying as I was watching the fireworks display at Disneyland.

DSC00992 DSC00991 DSC00989 DSC00987

It was nice to see how different countries around the world and provinces in our country presented their booths. Culture is one my favorite things, and seeing people wearing traditional and national costumes as they were standing by their booths, and showcasing their nations made me appreciate the world a little bit more.

Of course, every booth’s aim was to enchant people enough for them to consider visiting the country they promote. And I guess I was a victim of all! :p

DSC00983Thailand is amazing just because. I don’t know. Being there just feels like home. The atmosphere, the weather, the people… everything! Among other things, not a touch of racism was felt. I wouldn’t mind going back.


Even if I enjoy traveling (and might consider it as my most favorite thing in the world), it’s not something I get to do often. I haven’t been to a lot of places here and abroad. When people ask me where I’d want to go for travel, anywhere is the answer, really. But if there’s just one in my bucket list I would really, really, really want to happen, it’s to conquer the ASEAN region!

Lucky that the visa exemption actually exists for people of  an ASEAN country to visit any ASEAN country without the hassle to apply for a visa! If only getting to other countries outside of this continent would be easier. So, yeah, the only country I could visit in Europe is Kosovo.

Hmm… what else is in the bucket list? Nothing too impossible, I guess. Visit Mindanao, visit the land where my fandoms originate from, travel with friends, meet online friends and be a tour guide to them/them being a tour guide to me, visit a country where I could read the street signs (that not uses English). Weird.

Can even just one happen during this summer? Hehe. 😀


DSC00977 DSC00976 DSC00975DSC01002

Thought of you, Anna! This is for you 🙂

DSC00973 DSC00970

In all honesty, I like our tourism slogan. And I think that our TVC’s are actually brilliant. And cute. Like this one. I guess it’s because we don’t (or even try to) show how “perfect” our country is.



Of course, what’s going somewhere and not taking home something? It’s not a newspaper clipping, but an infomag in Japanese! About Cebu! I am fulfilled again.


Nahshin, this is it!!!!!1111!!!ONE!!!11!

Okay, the main reason for posting this is to prove to Joy I wasn’t lying. Haha.

Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched, as the saying goes. I am optimistic, but the anxiety is prolonging as days pass by. Please pray!


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