C-pop Love: 勇敢爱 – Mi2


Super cute song!

But knowing that the singers are 12 years apart, and are in a relationship… just destroys everything. Not much of a big deal when the guy is 45 and the girl is 33, but why does it feel so weird knowing the guy’s 24 years old while the girl’s 12?

Sometimes, it disturbs me whether or not we should make the personal life or a flaw of a singer we like get in the way. When we find out that our idol does weed, or our favorite bands curse at their personal assistants, must our admiration for them “lessen”? There’s this guy singer I call as my idol who labels paparazzis as dogs. His music is amazing, but I don’t know if it’s right whether to actually care or not.

As they said, if you were a true fan, you would accept them, imperfections and all. But as everyone says, they’re supposed to be role models and set good examples.

But with a song that’s adorable as this, it’s not the icky extremes of their relationship that pop into my mind, but friendship and puppy love imagery, and good vibes. I don’t know why.

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