Music Monday | 好不容易 – 方大同


This song’s simply amazing! I never realized that Khalil Fong’s music was this great. I mean, I’ve only heard one song of him way back in September, 《BB88》, which I really liked but I don’t know what lead me to be listening to his songs now endlessly. I’m listening to an album of his, as well as his newly-released single, and I can’t say I dislike anything. Among all the singers I listen to, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think he has the most amazing voice. Especially live.

I love the sudden pauses in the lyrics, “Ai — ye xu wo de — ai… ai…” It’s so catchy, I can’t stop singing to it. And this MV is just… amazing.  Wow, I’ve just said that word three times already. Shows how sleepy I am to even think of other fancy adjectives to use. Amazing. I really, really want to blog because I have a ton of pictures (and quite a lot of happenings I’d like to jot down) but I don’t know if I can because next week’s our exams, and this week is just hell week. I can’t believe all our projects were crammed into this week — why the? I believe we’re supposed to be preparing for the exams by reviewing, not working with illustration boards, recycled materials and flash animations while having to deal with freeloaders. I’ve been doing schoolwork since Friday, and my whole Saturday was spent on doing projects, really. Okay, maybe on the side was my Skype and QQ open but you get the point. Haha. Even this day was dedicated to schoolwork. My hands holding a pair of scissors or strips of paper was like breathing and exhaling. (What? Does that even make sense? Lol.) I’m supposed to be sleeping by now, and I don’t even know why I’m blogging. This is actually a queued post; by this time, I’m probably at my classroom answering a long test or dozing off while my eyes open.

Anyway, enough of the negative vibes. Just thought I’d let that all out. The only thing that’s keeping me sane is knowing that there’s a Christmas break soon. Finally, I get to have a life again!

Oh, wait… I almost forgot I’m a no-lifer. Haha. Anyway, I’ll try to find a way to blog this week. I don’t know how, but as that cliche saying goes, if there’s a will, there’s a way!


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