Survey on a Monday: 50 Questions

Just felt like blogging on a regular Monday (wow, blogging on a school day… I can’t believe it!) I thought of answering a survey since I’ve read that Multiply is soon removing all its content, so I’m gonna get some surveys from the website I use while I can. It’s something I miss doing too — one of my great time-passers!

01: Do you ever watch old TV shows you used to love on YouTube?
I do, but very rarely!

02: Do you get upset when you see dead animals on the road?
Yeah. Super. 😦

03: Who was the last person to leave you a comment on MySpace?
MySpace?! Oh gahd, I closed my account a few years ago. Lol.

04: Are you open about your life?
Yeah. But that depends actually. I mean, I’m not someone who talks about things about herself unless someone asks. I don’t keep things from people though… I can be very open when I can, just as long as someone’s actually “interested”. I don’t know, I’m just weird like that. Haha.

05: What is your opinion on plastic surgery?
Oh well, to each his own. I’m not gonna do it, though!

06: What is your current state of mind?

07: Do you still live in the city you were born in?
Yeah, I am. I’d wish to live in Kyusi though!

08: Do you hate a part of your body enough to modify or change it with surgery?
I have a ton of insecurities, but not to the point to make me have them changed with surgery. Hello, how the hell do you do that with height?! Hahaha. I need a miracle! *slashes wrist*

09: What was the last shampoo you used?
Vaseline, I think. I use whatever’s there!

10: Are you vain about the way your hair looks?
Not at all. It’s weird, I never really cared about my hair. Like just this week, I had a haircut and I didn’t even tell the beautician what cut I wanted! It’s only this school year I actually started having a comb in my bag. Haha.

11: Do you have freckles or moles?
Yeah, the latter.

12: What were the last earrings you wore?
I honestly don’t know (lol!) I’m actually wearing a pair, and I honestly can’t even visualize how they look like… too lazy to check the mirror.

13: Does it annoy you when people swear a lot in your presence?
Depends, really. There are swear words that my ears can still handle!

14: Have you ever bought clothes online and they didn’t fit, and you were unable to return them?
Never bought online, although it’s something I’d want to try! I even bookmarked a few links. Haha.

15: What is on the top of your ‘to buy’ list right now?
I want to buy a ticket. No, seriously. A plane ticket! I need a getaway. Okay, I’ll be serious… I need a keyboard protector. Haha.

16: Which do you feel more, the hot or the cold?
Hot, definitely. When was it ever cold?

17: What was the last picture you drew of?
A picture? Probably something during class when I was bored. Haha.

18: How old were you in 2001?

19: What was the last thing you had an argument about and who was it with?
I don’t like remembering these things. Haha. (As if, Maita.) I honestly don’t remember! Probably with myself.

20: Do you go out less when it’s blisteringly hot?
No, I die to go out when it’s hot.

21: Do you spend a lot of time with your Dad?
Yeah! I do.

22: Do you ever make fun of strangers for the way they look?
Uhm… no, of course not.

23: What would your ideal house look like?
I just need a clean house. Haha. 😀

24: What has been the worst thing to happen to you this week?
Waking up late probably. The week just started. Not looking forward to anything bad. Hate being so negative!

25: If you’re not, do you want to be in love?
What. No. Haha.

26: Do you like Indian food?
I don’t eat it very often, but I’d like to try! The nearest to Indian food I eat is curry.

27: Do you wear chokers?

28: Do you tend to like pictures of yourself, or not?
HAHA! This is a funny question. No.

29: What have you inherited from your Dad’s side of the family?
I don’t know, my height? Lol jk. I’m guessing my nose or hair.

30: What about your mum’s?
I don’t know. Well, probably my height. Haha. I love my height! Wee. *sarcastic*

31: Name three things that are in your refrigerator right now?
I saw bread, Dooey Donuts, and pitchers of water.

32: What would you never wear in public?
SHORT SHORTS! Oh Maita. Haha.

33: Do you think you work hard for what you want?
It’s not always I get what I “want” even if I try hard to work for it. Well, life’s just like that!

34: Describe what your ideal boyfriend would be like:
Ooooh. Cool question. Haha. I honestly never knew how to answer this! Well… let’s see… I like a guy who I can talk to about anything, literally anything, because I don’t think there’s anybody out there who even knows half of my interests (haha). But seriously. If there’s someone I can talk to about, let’s say, C-pop, for endless hours? Wow, that would be the day. Haha. 😀 Omg, if there’s a guy who can sing Xu Song or Jay Chou’s songs… I would like him forever. Haha. But of course, more than anything else: someone who’s super kind, simple, and of course, decent.

OMG. Haha, I can’t believe I just said all that. Lololol.

35: What do you think of skinny people who think they’re fat?
Oh gahd. We can all just shut up. Haha. It’s so selfish for them to say so! How about people who are “fatter” than them? People get offended by what they say even if it’s not their intention to.

36: Could you tolerate a snorer sharing the same room as you?
I’ll try to!

37: Do you think you could have survived in three hundred years ago?
Maybe, I’d love to try!

38: What is your favourite time in history?
Hmm… can it be the present? Is that a stupid answer? Tomorrow, the present would be history. Haha. *facepalm*

39: Who was the last person you cuddled?
What. None. Nobody.

40: Name something you’ve done that your parents don’t know about:
Why would I say it? Haha. Hmm… let’s see. I slept at 3 AM last weekend. Good thing I didn’t get grounded. Haha.

41: When was the last time you went to the dentist?
Last September.

42: What are some things about you that might annoy people?
I’m serious, and some people actually think I’m mad at them (yeah, I think that annoys them, haha), which is actually funny. I can tease people endlessly, although of course I don’t mean anything in a bad way, but I know people get annoyed. Haha! And being so “dramatic” online, how I deactivated my Facebook and become invisible on Skype all the time, yeah… I guess that annoys them the most. It’s hard for them to contact me when they need to, especially if it’s for school. Hehe.

43: Have you ever experienced anything supernatural?
Thankfully, no.

44: What did you dream about last night?
I don’t remember! But I’m trying to.

45: If you could live in any other place, where and why?
ANYWHERE, really! You don’t know how much I enjoy culture. But of course, nothing beats home. I love my country!

46: Do little kids like you?
I wouldn’t know, but I guess they don’t hate me? Haha. My kid busmates say hi to me when I see them in the corridors or canteen, so I guess they’re okay!

47: What was the last video you watched on YouTube?
Too lazy to check my history! But it’s probably a music video. Oh wait, I just remembered. Episode 2.1 of Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower! Mainland Chinese drama. 😀

48: Name a few online friends:
Wow. This survey really knows me. Haha. Let’s see… I’ll name ten. In alphabetical order, there’s Chamin, Josip, Judy, Larry, Kayla, Kunpeng, Liam, Sophia, Veronica, Victor… I love my online friends! They’re amazing. All of them. Aiiii ni men!

49: Do people who are too nice annoy you?
No, they’re too nice not to be annoying. Haha.

50: Have you ever let someone walk all over you?
Haha. Probably my brother. Lol.

[ Love from ServinSurveys dot multiply dot com ]


5 thoughts on “Survey on a Monday: 50 Questions

  1. this is funny 😀

    number 4 – whaaat no!! you wont tell me about what happened to u and ur mom 😦 and i am very INTERESTED haha
    number 35 – YEAHH OUCH RAYAA
    number 42 – totally hahaha

  2. jerhmehrgehrd can i steal this then maybe I will blog :p

    42 ahem ahem i will just assume it is your laser-focus from now on and as for 34 bwerherherherher because you know how that is.


  3. Daldal mo nakakainis hahahaha. Papalitan ko yan hahaha 😀

    Hahaha siya naisip mo :))

    Wow. So tama pala hula ko lol :))

  4. Yeah sure! Go ahead 😀 Pero unahin mo muna yung… alam mo na 😀

    Wow…. =))) Grabe natatawa ako I don’t know how to respond to that. Lol

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