Day 322: Allergies, Mall and Milk Tea

Currently listening to a song of Jay Chou (whose title I’m unsure of) streaming on a Taiwanese radio station online, eating tomato ketchup chips, and feeling glad because of the opportunity for me to blog on a busy weekend dumped with schoolwork. Now the song being played is a Japanese song that has the word “traveling” said a million times.

Now, what’s stuck in my head is The Voice 3 Marathon—Telephone because of the duet performance of DOMO and Cody, as well as Good Time by MacKenzie(!) and Emily. I hope these songs don’t play in my head when we take our quiz tomorrow.

I could watch that show all day. 😀

Making more diary-ish posts like this because ten years from now, I’d like to look back and tell myself that I didn’t waste my weekends on useless things… well, I’d like to believe that for now!

This is also an example of my shallow type of post as mentioned on a past entry. Here I blurt it all out—my rants and raves, and abused punctuation marks and Taglish may also be existent.

I’m officially making this blog my diary.

The first thing I did after having breakfast yesterday was to continue working on my art project. Now it has a roof, more newspaper strips glued on it and is already to be spray painted.

Had the first session of the allergy test late afternoon. Ever since first year high school, I would get a sore throat at least every other month, not exaggerating! It mostly happens after I eat chocolate, even if I drink a lot of water. When I feel it starting, Bactidol saves me but most of the time I end up at the doctor’s clinic. I hate how recurring it is. I was recommended to see an allergologist (lol, never knew such word exists!) to see what really is going on in my system because if it were an infection, I should get a fever afterwards, but I don’t.

For 20 minutes my arm was in this position. What is ngawit in English? Yeah, that’s what I felt!

I swear even up to this very moment, my arm looks gross. It’s like I’m an O.C. emo kid who slashed herself, if you get what I mean. Haha.

This session was for environment-related things. Next week would be for food, which I am not looking forward to at all. Why would a person want to know what food he or she is allergic to? That means depriving a person of all the good food. Haha. I hope I am not allergic to any food or drink, but I have a feeling that I have an allergic reaction to anything sweet and sugary. Well, that, I think I can handle.

But rice, chicken, egg, oil, sushi… no, just please no. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

And the results:

My heart broke. I can’t believe I’m allergic to dogs… I really can’t. You mean if I would pat a puppy, I’d get a sore throat?

Okay, now to find a pet turtle or fish!

And me being allergic to Penicillin is just weird. To take something that would cure you at the same time give you allergies is just, well, weird.



Right after, I went to Dakasi to satisfy my daily fix of cha!

Ever since Ersao increased its prices, I’ve been looking for another establishment to buy some milk tea from. (Lol, Economics… gahd, I hate it when I think of school even during the weekend). I first saw this place just by seeing it as I was literally looking out of the car window in the Cubao area a few weeks ago. I didn’t see what was actually inside so I googled it. I actually thought the place was a Japanese 66-peso store like Daiso or something. Well, it sounds like one!

I find it weird that I didn’t think of the place as Chinese, despite the “da” for the character 大. I knew that Japanese had that character too (although read in a different way) but it didn’t cross my mind that time that Chinese had “ka”. Weird. Shows how much I’m the ultimate language learner loser! More on that title later.

Philippines is read as “Feilübin”. 😀

I literally smiled when I saw this. I swear I’ve never seen a store or restaurant that uses the word “Pilipinas” in something like this.

But anyway, seeing the Tagalog and Chinese languages in one stare = ♥!


The owner of the shop was really accommodating and friendly. He was doing most of the talking and was even sitting with us on our table. I really don’t remember how it all started, but our conversation lead to what else but Mandarin. Not in Mandarin, but Mandarin! Of course, the awkward and pathetic Maita did not engage in a Chinese conversation, even if the opportunity was right there. I really don’t get myself, I don’t grab things when I’m given the chance to? I still don’t get what my problem was, even if I made a terrible mistake in pronunciation or what, I would never meet him again.

Owner: You have to [really] practice.

Me: Uh… yeah! *nods*


Owner: Why are you learning Chinese?

Maita: Oh, it’s because I’m fond of Taiwanese music and drama. *awkward smile* Do you know Jay Chou?

Owner: Ah, yes, si Jay Chou! In China, he’s known as a tycoon… may [mga] iba rin siyang ginagawa.

YES! OMG I FOUND A FRIEND I could cry. I didn’t care if he was twice and half my age. I met a friend! I diiiiiiid! Hahahahahaha. Finally, I met someone within the archipelago who knew my idol. These kind of things I never talk about with anyone but myself (well, with the exception of my brothers who I rant to and say, OMG da jia hao Zhou Jie Lun is on TV!!!!111!!!!1!!1!)

I just felt like writing this down on my blog just to tell myself I’m not alone in my motherland. Haha. I know one day, I’d bump into someone on the streets who knows half of the songs in my music player.

And here I say my expression: Nobody knows how I feel.

It sucks to be interested in things nobody around you even knows exist. I can just imagine the horror of telling my friends, “Omg, Xu Song’s coming here!” (well, yeah, in my dreams) or why Zhu Zhi Xiao is the most handsome person on Hunan TV. Why? Because, well, the truth hurts, but yeah… not even they would care.

That is the story of my life.


I love Dakasi’s milk tea, no joke. It’s a bit expensive compared to my ideal price of milk tea, but it really was worth it. You know how some milk tea stores can lessen the sugar content by asking for your desired sugar level? They didn’t need anything like that. It was alright, not too sweet to the point that it would make your throat sore every slurp of it. I ordered the specialty drink, and it was nothing but great!

The neon yellow lights in the place and the star logo that reminds me of Mario Kart are a plus point too.

I love how creative they showed the places of their branches’ location!

Random rant slash rambling of the day: Our receipts are so boring. If only our receipts were written in Filipino, I would send them to my penpals and snail mail friends.


As we were leaving and going out of the establishment, the owner was holding the door for us. And as he did, he said:


Maita: 再。。。见!

Omg omg omg I can’t believe I just said that. I actually can… haha. I’m really so pathetic. I spoke even before my brain told me to do so; it was the sudden response of my body to just respond. He took my first Chinese convo. I can’t believe it. I feel so… achieved! *facepalm*

Never again. Haha.

The last stop was at my favorite mall! I find myself here every week, I believe.

4 thoughts on “Day 322: Allergies, Mall and Milk Tea

  1. o_O you have so much allergies. It really makes me wonder if I have any.

    What mall is that? Certainly can’t be Town 😉

  2. Omg i cant believe you’re allergic to dogs ?! :(( thats just… sad
    And what happened to you? why were you absent awhile ago? you never go online on skype anymore 😦

  3. You’re lucky if you aren’t allergic to any good food, haha 😀

    It’s a new mall in Cubao! It’s called Robinsons Magnolia. Yeah, it will never be Town 😉

  4. Yeah, I’m allergic to dogs. I don’t believe it though, haha 😀

    I was sick… hahaha the past is already history. Yeah, I didn’t go online last week, but I am now 😀

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