Maita in the Kitchen: Okonomiyaki {Savory Pancakes}

Semestral break productivity: check!

Written on my to-do list were to blog, catch up on Asian dramas, read Chinese books borrowed from the library, go online on Skype and QQ, clean my room, play the piano, and cook. Among all these things, I think it was the last activity that drained most of my energy, but at the same time felt so fun and fulfilling.

I was able to make four dishes during the vacation: tuna pasta, mango sago, fried rice, and this one!

I can cook to save my own life but not to the point where I can make a tummy happy. Being an only girl is another reason why I’m often found in the kitchen if I’m not in my bedroom. Oftentimes, I am the one assigned in the household to heat the food on the stove, to cook rice, or to thaw frozen dishes. Or when there’s no dish prepared, I try to whip up some simple dish like pasta. Or egg. Scrambled egg. Haha. I believe this is something every girl my age should have knowledge on more than any household chore. One doesn’t need to be good at it, but at least know her way in the kitchen, but yeah, if you can be good at it, why not?

I was looking for a simple and easy recipe, with familiar and affordable ingredients and ingredients that are typically found in the pantry.

And I ended up cooking something Japanese — Okonomiyaki that is, which I got from Yummy.

I’ve always thought that the process of making this was so tedious with hard-to-find ingredients and extenders, but I was proved otherwise!

Japanese mayo will definitely do wonders in this dish, but it’s really expensive so I used normal mayonnaise.

What happens when you fry bacon in oil?

I had a hard time mixing the batter because I felt that there was something wrong with the proportions of the water and flour. Nothing seemed to happen.

I guess it turned out fine!

It’s supposed to fill the whole pan, but I thought of making mini versions so that I could make more.


I overcooked two pancakes! The cabbage slices were already burnt… oh well.


I got too excited that I spread the sauce and mayo unevenly in the weirdest manner. It’s not supposed to look like that, lol.

The remarks were positive, and I guess that’s an achievement! Definitely making this again, and yeah, definitely gonna spend more time in the kitchen cutting vegetables (which is my favorite thing to do), boiling water, battling with hot oil splattering on my skin, and experimenting with new dishes. I think I’ll make Chow Mein next.

A little contemplation that might turn into a life-changing event: I think I want to learn Japanese. Oishi!


5 thoughts on “Maita in the Kitchen: Okonomiyaki {Savory Pancakes}

  1. Maita I wanna try this! It looks good! cook some for me and bring it to school tomorrrow 😀

  2. Try it! Haha asa ka! Make your own, then bring it tomorrow! Your own version will taste better, obviously :)) Don’t worry, we’ll make this dish in our next sleepover 😀 Then we’ll make a cooking vlog! I can imagine it… yay 😀

  3. why would mine taste better?! youre the one who knows how to cook :))
    cooking vlog omg that sounds fun! 😀

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