Same Me, Different URL

After four years, I finally had the guts to change my blog’s address.

This dot on the blogosphere came into existence when I signed up for an account here on WordPress in grade five, but I never touched it until around the year 2010 during freshman year, the year which I sort of blame for this no life state of mine. That was the year I deactivated my Facebook account for the longest period of time, but academics wasn’t the main reason for doing so, unlike now. And blogging was the only thing I did most of the time. Being an immature kid back then (haha, I still am), I actually don’t know what I was thinking why I would make my first and last name as my blog address.

I really, really, really, really hated it! I’ve always wanted to change it since forever but then the word sayang always popped in my mind. I knew I would be needing it one day, but now, I’d like to say that I don’t care anymore. It was not about the “privacy” exactly, but I didn’t want people to know who I was at once, when they end up on a page of this blog. Like early this month, my schoolmate googled my name and ended up on this blog (at least, that’s what the site stats says, haha). Even if I don’t tell people about this blog except my circle of friends, I know that anybody can end up here, and the thought of my teachers, distant relatives, busmates ending up here… oh gahd no. Especially the teachers. Think about it, haha. I have nothing to hide, but I just think it’s embarrassing. And weird.

I wanted so many names but everything that I wanted was already taken. You know that feeling when you want a username that’s taken, and when you visit the site, it’s plain empty? That actually prolonged everything as well. Now that I finally changed it to something that’s actually still my name (when read in another way), I feel more comfortable now. It’s not very creative or even an original one, but I’m fine with it.

So I guess that would change many of the things I would write about. My blog has been a personal one ever since, but now, I’d call it a personal-personal-personal blog. Ironically, I think I would be myself more now when I would start blogging with this new address. I would be treating this as a diary, mentioning even the most random and useless things that happen in a day, stating names of people, inside jokes, and doing one thing I couldn’t do under my old username: RANT! Oooooohhhh yeah I hate you, I hate school, I hate life. Jk.

I think nothing’s gonna stop me from blogging what I want to blog about. I’m actually more excited because I feel free to even write about things I like such as C-pop, the lazy me in this Chinese language-learning, my postcards, or Asian drama. Especially about 许嵩. Wo ai ta. I never blogged about these things, or if I did, it was very minimal. I want to write about my favorite singers, the songs I love but barely understand, my dreams and goals in life, and things my friends don’t even care about. It’s gonna be more shallow than ever, but that’s what I am.

And to the few who I talked to (that I may not know personally) but take time to read this, and those I met because of this, thank you for your interest in reading this blog, although I really don’t know what anyone finds interesting here, but I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Even if my posts are gonna be more personal than ever, I am aware that anybody may end up here, so I hope that even so, my blog posts would still be relatable in a way.

This is about a monotonous life of a struggling high school student and teenager, whose three dreams are to travel the world (as cliche as it sounds), to do something awesome for her country and her fellow citizens, and to learn how to take good pictures.

White Windmill, because I wish to go back in time.

Off I go to a new blog post! Let me see what I can write about… oh look, food. Lemme.


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