Sem Break Tuesday: At Jem’s

Where one precious day of semestral break was spent at: Jem’s humble abode!

We’ve planned this ever since, and all the more we were looking forward to it when we found out that a retreat for our batch was cancelled.

Before anything else, here’s a virtual room tour of Jem’s room, with quite a lot of interesting finds!

I forgot what you call the little toy on the skateboard. My head’s literally hurting trying to remember!

Okay… now I remember — trolls! (Wow, so much for remembering that word.)

A German flag raised because Jem is the German language learner among us. I would love to have flags of the world stuck to the walls of my room!

One of the common things among us (me, Jem, and Raissa) is that we are all fond of learning languages. We have a group chat on Skype named FEGCKT (that’s pronounced as fuh-guck) where we often participate in, but of course, our conversations on it go beyond languages. It’s a venting place of rants and ramblings. It is also where we get to practice ourย makata skills in the Filipino language (okay… probably only you guys get this!). We also used to do some group study on it, until a killjoy and boring person named Maita (that’s pronounced as my-tah/tuh) stopped going online on school days. What a no lifer.

FEGCKT stands for the languages common to us/each of us tries to learn– French, English, German, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog!

One of the many reasons why Jem and I get along. I’m referring to the black-on-white and the white-on-black!

This is definitely where Jem and Raissa agree on. If only I had the luxury of time… haha.

12:07 PM. Watched My Amnesia Girl!

Bangin ka ba? Kasi nahuhulog na ako sayo, naman kasi.

It’s more cheesy in Tagalog… better than saying, “Are you a cliff? Because I’m falling for you.”

LOL, ka-cornihan… bwiset!

12:43 PM. Took a break and had Bon Chon for lunch!

We had gummy bears!

Haribo is the first in the world to make gummy candy. So cool.

Lookie! Jem’s stache ring, so cute.

Aaah I’m a sucker for anything written in another language. Chinese newspaper at Divisoria, food packaging in German… what is shallow?

Jem! I want to learn German too.

And then we made gummy cones!

Hannah, if ever you’re reading this, I love Haribo! ๐Ÿ˜€

I was also amazed that Jem had this massive collection of Korean drama, and I am also amazed by the fact that sheย is the only person I know in my school who knows who Rainie Yang is.

And we all love Mario Maurer!

Because I really hate our picture by the door as we left, here are two random pictures from this school year. I hope you both like them! ๐Ÿ˜€

And finally, here’s a rainbow taken that very same day to whip up some some Jemagic to complement this post. No unicorns, just a rainbow.

Haha. Thanks for the H-to-H-to-H we had, even if I barely had anything to say… I have no life story that’s why. Lol. Thank you for making me know things I never knew before. Thank you guys for this Tuesday!


5 thoughts on “Sem Break Tuesday: At Jem’s

  1. Thanks Daryl! Got it. It’s amazing. I appreciate it. Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€

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