The (Awesome) Pajama Party

The funnest way to spend the start of the semestral break is to spend it at a friend’s house along with the rest of the gang (by that, I mean, your whole group of friends). And to make the event even more memorable, a sleepover is supposed to happen, because a day is simply not enough to do all the things a group could possibly do, planned or unplanned.

That day was very gloomy due to the strong never-ending rains and windsβ€”stuck in the classroom, losing quite a lot of brain cells due to the tests, having a mental countdown before the break officially started. It’s amazing how things paved way to make the sleepover happen!

This post has been sitting on my drafts folder for four days already, and for some reason, I never had the opportunity to sit down in front of the computer screen to write a decent paragraph. Anna and Mika posted about the sleepover on their blogs, and they practically said everything that happened, so I’m left here with no clue on what to write. I feel it is as if I am just rephrasing what they said, or posting pictures of the same things but taken in a different angle!

Anna watched the BIGBANG concert! Her stories were amazing. There’s still a piece of me that feels some sort of regret in not watching. I’ve never watched a concert ever, and it would be a nice feeling to have them as my first. Well, everything happens for a reason, and just to make myself feel better: we were all breathing the same air. Haha.

At around 7:40 PM, we all had dinner along with Anna’s parents, who were very nice! Anna’s dad was too funny. Here’s why:

Anna’s dad: May boyfriend na ba ‘to? *referring to Anna*

Us: No, haha!

Anna’s dad: …ah, I’m very disappointed!

Of course there was sarcasm involved, but it was a hilarious conversation.

Maita: I don’t know how to pose!

Mika: Be ugly. Be you!

Wooooookay Mika… always was, always am. Lol :p

9:43 PM. After the endless photobooth session, we played Pictionary Junior!

I don’t know how they were able to guess mine despite my lame attempts in drawing! Mika won in the two games we had. I didn’t even know how she was able to guess I was drawing Australia when I drew a stupid rectangle with irregular shapes.

I think the highlight of the game was Joy learning new words. Laftrip!

Joy: Anthill? What’s that?! It sounds so funny!!

Anna’s magnet board!

Day 2


10:06 AM. Eggs and bacon!

11:19 AM. Played Dance Dance Revolution on Wii! Made me remember those days when my cousins and I would play this on PS1… and that was around ten or eleven years ago. Bliss.

One of Anna’s interests is hairstyling, so she was able to practice hair curling on me and Mariah!

While Anna was styling my hair, this was the time I was able to really talk to her and know how her life in Canada was like.

1:08 PM. Had porkchop and sinigang! Joy already left even before we had lunch and Mariah left right after eating.

3:22 PM. Anna, Mika and I watched Absolute Boyfriend! Hmm… which reminds me, I have to finish this by the end of this sem break. One of my hopes is that Anna and I would be able to influence Mika into the Asian drama craze. I think we’re getting there!

Before sunset, we were able to take some pictures in the garden. I couldn’t get a decent picture of Sunny so I ended up making a Polaroid out of it. Polaroid template source here.

Cute puppy!

Because I am a noob, the vignette filter would not show up. Sad life. Haha.

Before Mika and I left, we all watched Anna’s brother play Mario Kart on Wii.


See, even Mika has a picture of this snack bowl, only brighter and more visually appetizing.

One word: bitin!

A sleepover is really great quality time among friends. It makes up for all those break times in school you don’t get to hang out with them due to class practices and club and org meetings, and gives you the opportunity to make your conversations go past the tables at the school canteen.

Thank you, friends! Thank you Anna for hosting this, an awesome way to kick off the start of semestral break!

Next stop: At Mika’s! Yeah, I’m already inviting myself. Haha. πŸ˜€

5 thoughts on “The (Awesome) Pajama Party

  1. Your posts are always the BEST. Oh you and your wide range of vocabulary. I dont know how you do this..

    Hey I didn’t mean the ” be ugly. be you” hahaha that was a joke!! πŸ˜€

    Not my place.. Mariah’s first πŸ™‚ so we can go to ace water spa!

  2. Thanks for the like πŸ™‚

    I don’t get why… haha seryoso ako. There’s nothing spectacular with the way I write… and what are you talking about? Hey, stop it haha πŸ˜€

    And when I said I liked your blog post I meant it!! πŸ˜€ That’s why you should blog more often!

    If Mariah agrees! Haha.

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