Photo Dump {Part Three}

Trees. One of the many reasons why you would want to spend the next four years of your life in University of the Philippines Diliman.

And another!


The Oblation, more than a concrete sculpture—the iconic symbol of this university. Taken last summer during our #CJWSC days!

The classic beef patty burger at Army Navy.

The mall they all grew up with, except me.

Joined in the procession of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in Cainta, Rizal.


At the canteen. Random fact: I’m the tallest in my circle of friends, as clearly seen on the picture!

Dammit, why doesn’t sarcasm work online?

Sayang, nakachamba pa naman ako dito! :p

Some stuff from Divisoria: neutral colored ponytails and Chinese newspaper. Adding it to my growing (different languages) newspaper + magazine clipping collection! So far, I have Bulgarian, Finnish, Korean, Thai, and Ukranian.

Someone please send me anything and I will forever be grateful!

Curls. Anna gave my lifeless hair some lift and volume! My hair has been straight ever since, so it was nice to see how it would look like with if it were curled.

At the Dominican monastery hilltop with the view of the array of buildings of Eastwood and Marikina.

Sun rays passing through the window at 3:03 PM.

Sticky rice served on top of mango ice cream in Pattaya. It was the perfect combination for a mango lover (mango sago forever!) and rice person like me. Apparently this dessert is not anything unusual among the Thai people.

Dairy Queen should have something like this too here… maybe suman for a Filipino twist? 😀


4 thoughts on “Photo Dump {Part Three}

  1. Thanks Mik-Mik! (Haha wth did I just call you that? Lol) 😀

    It’s not!!! Hahahaha astig kaya. Sarap 😀 Gawa tayo hahaha.

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