Sleepover Teaser

The pictures are arranged using our names from A-Z, because I am all for the opposite of bias. I do it for everything, from listing down my groupmates on the top-left corner of the intermediate pad, to friends’ names on my statuses on Skype and blog posts. 😀

I am for equality! (Haha, meganon?)

I was supposed to blog about this tonight, but I have to wake up very early tomorrow. The pictures are waiting to be posted; they’re just on the gallery of this draft.

Well, this can be considered as a “teaser”. Wait, what am I talking about… the only people who’d actually bother to read this are, of course, the people in it. Hahaha. So that goes to you, you, you, and you!

Or maybe not even. Haha.

Anyway, I’m off to another adventure in the streets of Manila, my favorite city after Kyusi! Once I get down the station of Recto, I’ll be scouring the endless stalls and sidewalks for cheap building blocks.

Go figure!


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