Campus Hopping at Manila: DLS-CSB (again!)

The last (but definitely not the least) leg of our campus tour was another campus of CSB, which was the School of Design and Arts (SDA).

Although I loved all the three places we toured, this was the campus I snapped pictures of nearly everything I saw. The campus was just too amazing beyond words.

The place made me feel a little nostalgic. Last summer, my fellow Copo-mates and I attended the Lasallian Schools Press Conference, or simply called the LSPCon, and its venue was that very same white-walled building. It suddenly made me reminisce those times when we were all secluded in the spacious auditorium and classrooms listening to the speakers and personalities (and staring at Boy Abunda’s neon tricolored sneakers) as they spoke a foot away from us. I actually have a post about this lying somewhere in my drafts but I never had the urge to continue writing about it. Someone give me a push!

We arrived at the SDA at a time close to our supposed departure. I had the slightest feeling that the tour here would still push through due to time constraints, but miracles do happen. 😀

03:16 PM. Hiya, SDA! We meet again.

Just by the view of this from outside, you know everything else would be as nice inside.

Ridiculously nice architecture and accent lighting at the amphitheater, if I’m not mistaken.

Look, a time machine!

Lol, jk. I’m not sure what this equipment is called but it’s something used in making logos. It’s a thing of the past, but it still looks very modern.

One of the classrooms we went inside was where they hold their Animation classes. Ooooh, a tablet monitor… so high tech!

We were also given a chance to take a little peek at a place where photography equipment can be lent to the students. Tripods, lenses, and cameras everywhere!

As we were walking on the corridors, we were greeted with mannequins dressed in beautiful fabric while having portrayed dramatic faces.

Fashion lovers, this school’s for you!

We also toured the room where they mix dyes for fabrics. The complement of the bright yellow sinks and the gray walls and counters made me love the feel of the place.

Looms, devices used to weave clothes.

CSB, why do I love thee?

As one of my tourmates said, “I could live here!”

This place is called the Library Commons, where students can relax and sleep on the sofas, although it is discouraged. To have a cozy lounge within the four corners of a school automatically makes you want to study here!

Seven letters: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

They’re all so pretty I want to cry.

CSB boasts of a dance studio that has cushion unders its flooring so even if you fall, the injury wouldn’t be that bad. Too bad we weren’t able to go inside, I wanted someone to push me! Being the clumsy person I am, I wouldn’t care for once if I fell. Haha.

That’s my reflection right there… hi!

The last stop was the Black Box.

04: 36 PM. *sniff* Goodbye, CSB!

Although this is undeniably every student’s dream campus, it is doubtful that I would be studying here because I am not artistically inclined at all, unfortunately. But if there’s one thing offered by the college that rings a bell to me, it would Bachelor of Arts in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs. This program is so “exact” and the nearest to the one that interests me, but I still have my eye on my ultimate dream school (that offers only traditional courses)… so I don’t know, we’ll see.

I’m grateful that we were given a chance to have a campus tour despite our busy school calendar. Not only did it give us a concrete idea on how college might be like when we become college students ourselves, it also helped us erase misconceptions and turn wrong impressions into good realizations about the schools, or even about college life itself.

And that concludes our campus tour in the city of Manila! A whole day of walking, sight-seeing (while on the bus) and exploring different campuses. Beneath the endless “Wow’s” and “Oooh’s” we exclaimed during the tour, there’s still that decision that lies within us meant to be fulfilled. Sometimes, the school choice has to come in secondary, and what should matter the most is when we ask ourselves, “What do I really want?”

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