Campus Hopping at Manila: DLS-CSB

The second stop of our campus tour: De La Salle-College of St. Benilde, or commonly known as CSB!

Before anything else, I’d like to say that I enjoyed the place too much that I thought of splitting this entry into two blog posts. First is for the first campus we went to, and the other for the second. I have quite a lot to say and a few photogenic snaps to upload that I don’t think I could squeeze them all in one post!

Even if DLSU and CSB are just a ten-minute walk from each other (or so I believe), it took us forever to get to Benilde, even taking another round, probably due to the volume of the vehicles or something like that. I was actually able to catch some zzz’s in that amount of time!

Some snapshots on the bus en route to the first campus.

12:52 pm. Here we are, finally!

The first buiding we went to was the Angelo King International Center (AKIC), which is where the classes of culinary arts, HRIM, and the like are held.

The orientation was held here. I tried to memorize the name but I can’t remember it at all. All I remember was it sounding like French.

In between the introduction of the different programs offered in this campus, a few alumni of our school were asked to introduce themselves and to give a ten-second speech.

Okay, maybe not exactly a ten-second speech… lol. They said their names, what batch they graduated from, and a few things about what they majored in.

One of them was Jessa Ang, a fashion blogger on Tumblr! I’m an avid reader of her blog and wow, was I starstruck. One of my interests and time passers is blog-hopping. I read a ton of blogs, with topics that vary in different categories. I find joy in reading blogs — someone has always something interesting to say. That’s also one way I get to pick up tiny bits of info on things, such as on fashion (because Maita + fashion were never compatible, haha :p). Because of blogs, somehow, I get to appreciate that art of expressing one’s self through dressing up and style.

I actually had this semi-YOLO moment. As we entered the cafeteria, I saw her sitting with her classmates on one of the tables. I just went up to her, and I can’t believe I did, because I am the most awkward person in introductions and stuff like that, I swear!

Me: *smiles* You have a blog, right?

Jessa: *smiles* Yeah!

Me: …I’m a fan of it!

I was supeeeeeeer awkward, but I was glad I had the guts to talk to her. Lakas ng loob ko, lol!

My camera was hanging on my neck and I did not have a picture with her. I’m stupid. 😦 Haha.

Anyhow, she was super nice!

It’s so cool that they get to have classes in a bar! It looks so legit (lol, I defend myself, it’s not like I’ve been to a bar, haha).

I guess it is!

A sneak peek of one of the kitchens through the window of the door. I guess everybody would want to study here!

I don’t know either. Haha.

The library was so quiet! I don’t know why I was so amazed of something that’s supposed to be normal, but in our school, it’s the other way around. True. Haha.

A hotel! IN A SCHOOL!

It’s a really weird picture that lacks composition and all that, but I think it’s cool at the same time!

Outside Vatel Restaurant Manila, still in the same building.

Now inside!

Before we left, we had some spaghetti made by the students themselves at the cafeteria!

Right-handed // Left-handed // Right-handed // Right-handed


The view from the rooftop. This was when Enzo told me, “Must you picture everything?” not in a b*tchy way, but I get his point. Haha.

Hmm… I guess I take too much pictures.

The last stop was at the School of Design and Arts (SDA), which was just heaven for the artistic and non-artistic alike. I’ll leave that to the next post–I’ve gone way past my word count (and my sleeping time, lol)!


6 thoughts on “Campus Hopping at Manila: DLS-CSB

  1. wohooooo! worth the wait! 😀
    omg you’re seriously making another post for the other CSB.. lol YAY 🙂
    I really L♥VE your blog maita! You know, there was never a time that I read one of your posts w/o smiling haha 😀

  2. @_@ Waiting for your SDA post…

    I feel sad though. No mirror picture, and I couldn’t even tease you about the thing that happened thrice during LSPCON (wenk wenk).

  3. Lol. Thanks Mika :))

    Yeah, pero sa Biyernes nalang. Haha. Mahaba-haba kasi… medyo. Haha. Ikaw kaya mag-blog diyan! :p

    Wow nakatingin ka sa monitor tas nakangiti… hehe okay ang labo hahahha. Thanks birthday twin haha 🙂 Glad to know… uhm hehe jk 😀

    Naks, stress-reliever pala ‘to? Haha.


  4. Salamat Raissa :)) Weekend maybe. Haha.

    Hahahahah ikr natatawa ako :)) Yeah, sayang yung mirror pic talaga… nanghihinayang ako. Lol.

    AND THAT ONE TOO! Lololol. Don’t worry, there’s still next year. Haha.

    Oh wait. ‘Di na pala dun gaganapin. 😦

    We must find a new “thing” =))

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