Campus Hopping at Manila: DLSU

For our campus tour last Friday, we went to two La Salle schools located in the city of Manila. Our first stop was at De La Salle University located along Taft Avenue!

Although I pass by DLSU often when I go to Malate or Ermita, I have never been to the campus itself, so I was very curious on how it looked like–how similar or different it would be from our school.

For some reason, the trip from Alabang to the place took around an hour, even if we passed the Skyway.

7:19 am. We left school at that time. Here I am taking the window seat, which is sort of a must for me, anytime, anywhere!

Food on the bus: Ruffles from Chino, which was being passed around the bus, Raspberry Air Heads from Raissa, Piattos from Regina, and Regina’s M&M’s which she called fake!

Half-Time. That’s Mariah’s restaurant in the middle!

I just realized that the one on top of it is Zark’s Burgers, which everyone was raving about. I found out that the restaurant had this “Man vs. Food” approach.

8:22 am. The view of the university from the bus. Love the exterior of the building!

The obligatory me-and-my-friends photo. First pic as we stepped down our bus!

Random pics of the class as we waited to be toured.

Who said DLSU had no trees?

We had the orientation at the Yuchengco Auditorium. We all got some campus tour goodies which included some brochures and fliers, a cute archer bookmark, and a baller.

One of the speakers was a Star Scholar named Mic, an alumni of our school. I liked everything he said. His words were very inspiring and even mentioned the Pareto principle (or the 20/80 rule) which I had to google… haha. I wish I wrote down some of his sayings. Despite being a scholar who receives monthly stipend and all that, he was very humble about it.

“I wasn’t anybody in high school… I wasn’t part of the student council or part of the Top 10,” he said.

Ha, he gives me so much hope!

Bituin, a 100-year-old tree. Coincidentally, the student council was having a pictorial. Familiar faces abound!

A super artistic wall at St. Joseph hall. Gah, it’s too pretty!

A solar-powered car! This one’s either Sikat or Sinag, I don’t remember.

The tour guide for our class was Yullia, a Lasallian Ambassador. She was so nice!

Funny thing I remembered: Liberal Arts is where all the girls are, while Engineering is where all the boys are. Lol.

The last building we went to… to eat!

Ceiling fans at the cafeteria. Get it? Haha, benta! Lol. Credits to Ralph for the witty + corny joke.

My tablemates and my table-next-to-ours-mates!

Arroz a la cubana. Yay for free lunch! Everyone said the meal was good.

A group picture before we left to go to our next destination.

Coming from a Lasallian school, I anticipated a similar feel of our school to the university. It was not exactly about the culture or the familiarity, but somehow, I felt at home here. Seeing statues and mosaics of St. John Baptist De La Salle or praying the Lasallian prayer wouldn’t be a new thing in case I would be studying here.

Ever since, I only had two colleges in mind, and not one of them was DLSU, because I thought that going to another Lasallian district school for the next chapter of my life as a college student would be so “repetitive” and would lack variation. After the tour, I realized otherwise!

Derecho La Salle, maybe?


13 thoughts on “Campus Hopping at Manila: DLSU


    I think that’s Sinag I. Not sure though. DLSU’s campus is very pretty ugh I am jealous of your photos.

    Also the Liberal Arts/Engineering thing =))))))))))

    Nuks. Derecho La Salle? Why not, right? What would you plan on taking, if that happens? πŸ˜›

  2. I let my mom read this post and she said that you write really well! see maita! now do you believe me?! haha πŸ™‚

  3. @Raissa

    I typed my reply… and it got lost. Darnit -_- Haha I will simplify my reply :))

    Haha, thanks Raissa! Can you blog about the campus tour? πŸ˜€

    I will bold the programs because I feel so OC now. Haha :))

    I skimmed through the pages of the DLSU viewbook. There are quite a few in Liberal Arts that interest me… one is Developmental Studies because it’s a mix of PolSci, Econ, Public Administration, Sociology, Anthropology, Community Development, etc. Another is International Studies because the career options listed are just perfect — foreign service, diplomacy, tourism, translation, interpretation, government, journalism… omg O____o Hahaha. But then you have to major in a) European Studies, b) American Studies, or c) Japanese Studies. Sana merong “Asian Studies”, a less specific one :)))) I mean, look, two are continents! Haha.

    Philippine Studies major in Filipino in Mass Media is also interesting. I’m not exactly leaning to the media and journalism field of it, but one of its career options is to be a cultural attache/officer of an embassy (well, that’s what’s written on it :D)!

    If not Taft… then CSB is a top choice too! I only have one course in mind though.

    Omg why is this comment so long… I’m sorry haha O___o I throw you back the same question! πŸ˜€

  4. @Mika

    Omg Mika did your mom just read this?! Hahaha :)) Why… nakakahiya Mika hahaha

    Aww! Made me smile… pero natawa rin ako :)) Thanks, Tita πŸ™‚

    No eh, still don’t HAHAHAHA lol. Jk :))))) Sorry haha :))

    I really don’t… hahahhaha seriously :)) Okay I’ll stop. Hahaha

  5. kktmd. I am posting Jem’s adventures in DLSU Taft and CSB though, but in Facebook. =))))))) I gotta learn bandaging first… =))

    I know why it’s long. You have carefully considered your choices (which are actually super good. Sayang yung Asian Studies, though…). I have not. =)))) Whenever I look at UP’s course list (the only school I have definitely set my eyes on) online, I can’t decipher anything. And you know me, pretty undecided and whatever…

    If I do go to Taft, though, it will only be in the SLIM chance I get a Star Scholarship because DLSU is basically out of my parents’ (ahem, my mom’s) choices. UP is actually not my mom’s top choice, either, lol. So in that rare chance I do go to Taft, I’d take up Law. CSB, though… I will never go to CSB hahah.

    Maita, can I take our trio photo as my prof-pic in FB I need a change please? :3

  6. *appear* You know my dream school too, which I really hope I get into. πŸ˜€

    We still have less than a year (whaaaat?!) to decide… ikaw pa, at least you have Forensics/Math/Law already in mind!

    I feel that too… I’ve checked the list of programs a lot of times but nothing seems to fit me. And just by the thought of it… UP! O____o

    Of course you can πŸ˜€ But are you sure? Ahahaha I like the front camera iPad shots we had at the cafeteria more than that pic. Lol :p

  7. Oh, you want the original pic so that you could edit/resize it? Hahaha :))

  8. Yes. WOOT PARA SCHOOLMATES ULI TAYO then I invite you to hang out in Katipunan (nuks) and stuff. =))))

    ugh, parang nakakalula pa rin sa brain. Gash. The thing is, I believe for something to work really well, you have to have passion for it. Much as I love all those three (Law a little bit less than the others, and Math… well, we have a love-hate relationship), I don’t feel passionate about it.

    I think personally getting a list from admissions is better… BUT I WANT A CAMPUS TOUR. blegh.

    Really?? Which one? hahah I will search later. Thank you, whichever you prefer~ πŸ™‚

  9. Yeah! I can’t wait… hahaha college buddies (sana, hahaha) πŸ˜€ Naks, Katips! Tas UP Ikot. TriNoma na ang bagong hang-out natin. :)) (Lol, asa, well… libreng mangarap haha :D)

    Then we be part of the newspaper team HAHAHAHAHA yep. πŸ˜€ I want to join a travel org in college. Or some foreign language org. =)) Anong orgs gusto mong salihan? Haha.

    YES! I want! Campus Tour!! (Hehe, #CJWSC *wink*)

    Ewan naka peace sign yata ako nun. Basta yung tayo tatlo. =))

    I’ll send you the pic on Iskayp πŸ˜€ Remind me!

    Gimpify it. Haha.

  10. Yup, yup πŸ˜‰ Kasi may condo kami dun (gamit ng brother ko, Ateneo ngayon eh hahah).

    WAG NAMAN TRINOMA. Yun lang ba malapit? McDo na lang tayo… on a budget HAHAHAH.

    UPJC!!!!!!! Yiz jehrmehrgehrd. Heheh, pero yes, foreign language club sounds like a good idea too!

    … DI KO ALAM OMG titignan ko. Heheh.

  11. Maita! Thanks for showing this!!! πŸ˜€ De La Salle University is so nice pala inside.. I thought puro buildings lang xD Since you have a different perspective of the university.. sa La Salle ka na!!! :))) Para hindi ako ma-op XD

  12. @Nitch

    Aww thanks Nitch! You’re on my blog… hahaha coolio :)) Lol. You’re welcome, I’m glad I was able to help you with your college choices in one way or another πŸ˜‰ Haha! You know my dream school anyway. πŸ˜€

    CSB is one of your choices too right? They have a building called SDA (School of Design and Arts which was just AMAZING beyond words) and I’d like you to see that! I took pictures. I’ll tell you when I get to blog about it πŸ™‚

    Maybe, maybe! πŸ™‚

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