Screenshots | 100412


Love how this came out! All the screenshots were so blurry and pixelized but this one is clear and pretty.

Mika feeling so kawaii! (Mika, feelingggggg! *the Maita accent*)

Hiya Raya! Arte! Jk. Ang tagal mong nawala… what were you doing?


5 thoughts on “Screenshots | 100412

  1. You know it took me how many minutes to get that -_- Hahahaha omg :))

    Anong klaseng pangalan ‘yan :))

  2. hahaha buti naman na gets mo!
    ikr! anonymouslove hahah that was raya ha! 🙂
    maita! were all so cute talaga!! .. especially me.. hahaha JOKE 😛

  3. I was like… wth? o_O Hahahaha

    Kaya pala -_- Malamang siya lol jk =))

    Ikr!! No actually kayo lang haha. Jokes are half-meant 😉 But yeah! It’s true… lol.

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