A Day Out with Porkchop & Friends



100312. Today!

I would more than love to write about all the happenings of this day but I really feel super tired and sleepy at the same time, but I just had to post the pictures. I’ll probably add a bunch of paragraphs tomorrow or some other day, but here’s a glimpse of today: classes were suspended at 12 noon, went to Town to kill some time before our intrams practice, had the weirdest (well, at least for me it was, haha) conversations over lunch at the foodcourt, all those diyahe moments, as Raissa said, spent four hours making that song title turn into “reality”, as seen above.

And that little blue dress.

By the end of the school year I hope my brain does not turn black! Haha. :p

I’ll always remember this day. Thank you guys!

2 thoughts on “A Day Out with Porkchop & Friends

  1. Sinong “us”? Hmmm? Hahaha 😀 Hi Requirm. Hindi mo naman sinabi sa’kin kung ano talaga yan! Haha.

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