Favorite Finds: September

Saizen. Current guilty pleasure: window-shopping at retail and variety stores!

There is always that joy inside of me when I step inside 88-peso stores. It seems like you just want to buy everything you see, even if it is deemed useless and impractical. Some are really worth it, like those knock-off signature perfumes for ₱80.

Postcards. Sent some to Belarus, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Taiwan, and the USA! I’ve never sent that much all at the same time. I was just in the mood to write and compose, and I felt as if my mailbox had been so empty these past few days. What I like about this is sending a postcard to a random person from a random country, and getting something back from a random person from another country, so when I click that Yes! I want to send a postcard button on the website, there is always that feeling of suspense. One thing I wish to experience is to get a postcard from someone just a few island hops away.

Private swap. Jeanna from Russia messaged me if we could do a private swap. I sent her three coins taped on a Boracay postcard, a receipt from Sunday at Mercury Drug, and cute Filipino crafty stationery from Papemelroti. Hopefully I receive something similar, but only cooler: with Russian letters!

If anybody’s interested, let’s!

Snail mail. Sending the postcard along with the coins and receipt made me remember those times when I would write a lot of letters using gel pens, while painstakingly thinking of which sticker to use to tape the folded paper, and writing a foreign address, unshare of the spelling, on the envelope. Bliss. I really miss those days. I miss the feeling of receiving an envelope with your mailing address written by a person a thousand miles away, with the excitement of guessing what’s inside it; what’s contained in the letter. Things changed as I got older. Less time made me resort to the non-correspondence type which is the postcard exchange.

Now, it makes me want to start writing to penpals again.

Robinsons Magnolia. I really like this mall! It opened just this August and I find myself here every other week. Everything’s just so nice about this place. I love the ambiance, the stores, and the happy foodcourt.

Places to go: Saizen, department store, Happy Lemon

Happiness. I was at the department store, looking around, and this shirt definitely caught my attention! It has words of two languages I am trying to learn, but all the nine words written are all equally beautiful in their own right.

You see, I am currently seeking the road to happiness… the signs point left, while some point to the right. Which path must I take? Lol, jk.

Ersao. I first found about this place online through a few clicks on Google and it is now my favorite milk tea. Everything (and I mean everything) in this restaurant is really affordable. For only ₱50, you can satisfy your daily fix of cha!

Not only that, the owner is super nice and accomodating. He gave some tips and encouragement in learning Chinese. Coming from a native speaker, I felt so motivated!

(No, I am still an idiot. I did not even attempt. Lol.)

Lenses box. It looked like Rilakkuma (the cutest ever) from afar, so I decided to check it out.

It turned out it was a contact lenses box! I found it too cute. Perfect for traveling.

Bigbang. Joy lent me an album of Bigbang! I have yet to listen to the songs but anything Bigbang is undeniably great. I didn’t really get into this K-pop craze if not for them (well, partly!).

Camera. Story of my life. :p

Literally, yes! Figuratively, yes, and I prefer it that way. (Go figure!)

Happiness (again). Wishing for more days like this, not only for me, but for everyone out there.


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