Gimmick: The Friday of Hell Week

This post has been sitting on the drafts for more than a week already. All I had to do was to click the “publish” button, but for some reason, I didn’t feel like publishing it. Mika and Mariah kept on bugging me to post it already (lol) and I sort of blackmailed them saying that I would never post it if they do not make their own blogs!

So here, Mika, I hope this makes you happy. Your one-week wait was not worth it. Lol. :p

And to Mariah, thanks for being so patient! Haha. Ehem. Ehem to Mika!

(I’m sorry for the super negative blog title!)

Right after the last day of final exams, we went to Mall Of Asia (MoA). First stop was at Ching’s.

My super fashionable friends! //wrist

11:46 AM. Lunch at Burger King.

Not really into burgers… but you know, I eat anything edible. Hehe.

This was the day I found out they had the same names, albeit different spelling. My gawrsh, this might make me sound like a bad friend, but it’s not what you think. Haha!

1:29 PM. After around one and a half hours, we ate again. But before that, we went to Forever 21. Haha. Anna ended up getting a super cute lace dress which was perfect for her! Ching got a neon green Cookie Monster sweater. I admit everything there was so nice, but I thought that it was so expensive, at least, for me. One shirt for P800? Walong damit na ‘yun sa Greenhills! Lol.

Had Crazy Crepes. Satisfied my mango sago craving!

May nagsabing magkamukha kami. Mika would like to kill the person who said that, maybe. Lololol.

After the endless countdown timer shots trying our best to make the camera steady on the table next to ours, amidst the fear of some person grabbing it and running away while we gamely pose for the camera, here… is the most decent complete picture. :p

And one of the highlights of the day was Picture City! We didn’t feel like it, but it was a good thing Ching pleaded. I like how the pics turned out too. The guy who took our pictures was the nicest ever. He was suggesting on how we should pose and all that, and he was very patient because we were all undecided kids who did not know what to do. Some of them can just be cranky and short-tempered, but I can’t really blame them. I wish I got his name!

My favorite is the top-right picture. But as always, I destroyed the composition of the picture. Sometimes I’d like to call myself “Maita Panira”. Hahaha.

Joy, wish you were here with us!

So I decided to dig up my high school barkada pictures… I don’t go out often, and I also realized that it’s all with the same people!

After two hours of walking, our feet seriously killed us. Some of us wanted to have a foot massage after we saw a row of salons and spas (and that includes me, lol). We ended up going to the department store, and buying some nai cha afterwards! I love milk tea, but what we got was just… beyond disappointing. I *accidentally* ordered tea only. No milk. And it was cold.

We left at around 4:30 pm. The fun-filled conversations in the car going home were about degree programs we ought to take, random K-pop, as well as being a tour guide of Manila to Mika.


7 thoughts on “Gimmick: The Friday of Hell Week

  1. kaingit crepes mo.

    F21 ;-; my own personal brand of hell.

    nuks, nagbloblog ulit! 😉

  2. Mahal kaya -_- Rip-off lol jk. P100?!

    Define “hell” hahahahhahahahha. I never bought anything from there -_- Lol :))

    Yeah! My only form of “life”. Lol. Ikaw rin kaya. I AM WAITING 😀

  3. But… crepes ;-;

    Well… pretty things. I like pretty things. I don’t like to wear pretty things. I don’t fit in pretty things. Yeah. Personal brand of hell. Even my LOLA buys from there and when she offered me (it was near my birthday), I vehemently refused lol.

    EHHHHHHH so many school things ;-;

    love this post so much.. gonna read it everyday… HAHA jk 🙂

  5. Omg ipopost ko na yung comment ko nawala -_- Lol

    Greenhills tayo! With the FEGC(C)KT club :))

    Writing that (C) makes me… ugh. Hahahaha :))

    Ikr haha I made a school to-do list… out of eleven boxes, I only checked one -_- Kumusta yung video niyo? Nahihirapan ako, seryoso. One minute is a short period of time, but when it’s you making the video, it seems like forever :/ Dapat indiv nalang ‘to. Lagi nalang may nalulugi. Wasted my whole Saturday doing school work -_- Now I need to take a break.

    Oh THELE HW nga pala, check your e-mail after I post this comment :))

  6. Napakababaw ng kaligayahan shet… gusto mo kasi nakaka-relate ka… eh malamang nandito ka eh haha :))

    I don’t get why? Hahaha. Ang babaw seryoso haha :))

    Ikaw kaya mag-blog 😦 Omg I want your perspective of this gimmick!! Lol.

  7. heheh why not coconut

    tagal na pala nito! juice-ko-day. -.-” I don’t want to do anything right now… ugh i still feel bad.

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