14 Questions for September 14

1. Are you one of those people who knows exactly what they want in life?
I wish I was… lol.

2. Are you listening to music right now? If so, type its Youtube link.
Yup, I am! Listening to 方大同《BB88》

3. What was the nicest adjective someone used to describe you?
Probably “unassuming”. I seriously had to google what it meant because I had never come across that word before. When I read its definition, I literally smiled and thought it was the nicest word someone used to described me! Grateful.

4. Can you live without Facebook?
Already am. It’s hard, but life goes on… hahahaha.

5. When was the last time you truly cried?
Exactly eight days ago. Schoolmates, you feel me.

6. Do you keep a diary?
I do. It’s one thing everyone should have.

7. Do most of your friends have boyfriends/girlfriends?
Not at all!

8. Do you consider rap to be music?
Of course it is.

9. Are you a smart student or do you just study well?
Hahahaha. Neither. Lol.

10. Where do you want to go to college?
Unibersidad ng Pilipinas/University of the Philippines… sana, sana.

11. What career do you want to pursue?
Not exactly sure, but I’d like to work in the government/foreign service and be a consul or diplomat.

12. How often do you go out with your friends?
Hmm… let’s say termly (if there is such word), lol. At the least, every term, after exams or before Christmas vacation.

13. Do you live near the beach?
No, not at all. Haha. Doesn’t mean someone comes from the Philippines, he or she can take a five-minute walk to the beach!

14. Last time you rode a bike?
More than a year ago? Daaaaaaaaaaamn, I miss biking… my only form of exercise. 😦

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2 thoughts on “14 Questions for September 14

  1. Omg Joy… hahaha :)) Yeah, I did, super… when I went home… lol. I’m stupid :p

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