Hello from Computer Class

9:23 AM, Computer Lab 3 (3? We’re in 3, right? Haha). Hello from the lab! To my left is Joy (who is currently making a blog here on WP, haha, I’m so happy), and two seats to my right is Raissa, and beside her is Jem. To my diagonal is Charles who is bugging me (in a good way though!)

What we do in Computer class is all about photo editing and image manipulation. For the second term, according to Sir, we would be having advanced GIMP. The exercise for today is to get any picture and experiment with at least three filters.

So this is what I came up with:

(Original picture from here, original picture here)

I was just clicking random filters and experimenting on curves and brushes. I’m such a noob at things like this! Haha. I don’t know, but it sort of turned out like it was Instagrammed. Anyway, I used Zhu Zi Xiao (朱梓骁)’s picture. Makes the editing process so much better, lol. Joy’s work is so nice–check it out!

Around nine minutes ago, Charles told me he wanted to learn Chinese. My face –> O_______________O Requirm, you can’t be serious… haha. But it seemed like he was, and he said he wanted to learn Korean as well. Charles is a practical thinker, and he said that Asia in a few years would be, the, I don’t know, complete the sentence.

Charles is now my best friend! Hahahahahaha.

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