Photo Dump {Part Two}

Bar Dolci Macarons. I tasted the pink (strawberry, I think) and the green, which was green tea. They are so photogenic.

Happy Lemon. Palatable, unparalleled… ka-nose bleed!

Happy Everyday. 每天开心笑!

McDo. Chicken McDo at Casimiro.

Kettles. Cute tea kettles at Tea Farm, a newly-opened milk tea store in the area.

090712. Lakwatcha! I might blog about it… I don’t know, I’ll only blog if Mika blogs. Haha. :p *wink*

Sapatos. Shoes. Sneakers. Haha, ewan, wala akong masulat!

KFC. Didi, sheng ri kuai le!

Books. I couldn’t believe I cleaned my room during the weekend of Hell Week, haha. Anyway, dusted off the shelves and sorted all this. The books on top of the books are either my favorite or my book reports from grade school to now (not included in the pile is last year’s Lord of the Flies).

뿌셔뿌셔. From Joy. She’s so thoughtful, I swear! I asked her if she could give me some Korean food like instant ramen. The next day, she handed this to me at the library. I said, “I can only have it if I could read it!”, referring to the product name. For some reason, the vowels in Korean still confuse me, but fortunately I was able to read it, obviously reading like an idiot with bad diction and all that, but yeah, it was fun! Ppusyeo… ppusyeo! It wasn’t the noodles you needed to cook in hot water. It was the one where you sprinkle the seasoning, close and press the bag till the noodles break into little pieces, and give the bag a little shake! Reminds me of Nooda Crunch way back in grade school.


6 thoughts on “Photo Dump {Part Two}

  1. Macaroons! Also, I miss Nooda Crunch 😦

    Nuuuks. taray niyo mag outing 😛 :))

  2. Nalilito rin ako kapag macaroons o macarons hahahaha. Ginoogle ko! Haha. Idk. Haha. Me too!!! Grade school memories… hahaha ba’t ‘di nila ibalik?

    Huy ‘di naman :))))) Haha 🙂

    Pssst. Blog!

  3. paano ba? jomaigas =)))))

    heheheh i liked it without the flavor though 😦 I just ate it hahah di ko na minix! =))))))

    heheh saan ba kayo?

  4. Ewan ko nga eh! Haha. Hoy ikaw nakaka-alam… francais! Hahaha. Jk =))

    Sa MoA 🙂

    Blog na pl0x hahaha (that word is so weird). Lol.

  5. ginoogle ko na po. macaroons 😛 CINONFUSE MO AKO EH >:P jk jk

    nuks! layo naman narating. =)))

    tamang tama… inis na inis ako ngayon so pwede heheh.

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