Music Monday | Only One – 보아

Only One – 보아

I don’t listen to a lot of K-pop (compared to C-pop) and when I do, it’s usually of boy groups. But this is an exception. It’s quite different from the ones I usually hear. I like the song. I like the MV. I like the dance. The dance steps are so amazing!


4 thoughts on “Music Monday | Only One – 보아

  1. Maita I always wanted to comment on the BoA vid you posted but never did until now 😛 I know what you mean by her begin an exception to the usual boy kpop groups you listen too. BoA is really talented both through singing and dance isn’t she? Love this song, just downloaded it this week^^

  2. She really is! What first struck me was the melody of the song (the first time I heard it was on TV) because it was so nice, then as I watched the MV, I was amazed! The dance steps were so cool O_______o Hahahah. And I like her multi-racial dance crew (?) I’ve listened to a few of her other songs and I really like them 🙂 She’s effortlessly good 😀 Another cool thing is that she’s not part of a girl group… you get what I mean xD

    Recommend me some songs! 😀

  3. Yah BoA really is amazing. I don’t know many of her songs either but she did sing in japanese for one of my favourite animes.

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