I hate how buffets force you to eat more than what you usually take. Eat-all-you-can = gluttony. I don’t know how to enjoy buffets, just because I don’t know how to make it all worth it. Ginoogle ko pang “how to eat at a buffet”. Haha, wala lang.

According to the source I read (which happened to be an article about this same restaurant), it said that the kinds of food you don’t usually have at home are the ones supposed to be eaten first. I didn’t exactly follow the writer’s advice of lobsters, crabs, sugpo or steak though. Getting adobo or omelet is a big no-no!

I ended up getting sashimi and sushi first. It’s not the “least common” food out there, but it’s not something you get to eat everyday, I guess.

Yay, sashimi!


Mango and chocolate cashew ice cream, red velvet cake, blueberry cheesecake, and ube.

The obligatory shallow me-and-my-food-at-the-resto pic.

Ang awkward kong humawak ng chopsticks, seryoso. Haha.

Right after, I took a short walk facing Manila Bay. You know, to feel a little bit less bloated. Lol.

Ang ganda sana kung sobrang linis ng tubig!

And that concludes this shallow food post.


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