Survey + Three Things

Three very random things things about you
1. My Skype’s status is currently set to “away”.
2. My hair is in a bun right now.
3. The time is 11:04:09 pm as I type this.

Three things you’re doing right now
1. Listening to music
2. Studying for Geom
3. Chatting on Skype

Three things you did yesterday
1. Went to school
2. Studied
3. Did homework (and the cycle repeats…)

Three things you want
1. I want
2. absolute
3. happiness

Three things you want to do now but can’t
1. Watch 《一起来看流星雨》
2. Chat for a long time
3. Travel

Three of your closest friends in class (A-Z)
1. Jem
2. Joy
3. Raissa

Three of your closest friends outside class (A-Z)
1. Angelique
2. Mariah
3. Mika

Three of your favorite songs
1. 许嵩《素颜》
2. 周杰伦《蒲公英的约定》
3. 大嘴巴《永远在身边》

Three things you drink daily
1. Water
2. Tubig
3. 水

Three of your favorite musicians/bands
1. 大嘴巴
2. 许嵩
3. 林俊杰

Three of your favorite TV shows
1. I like watching TV
2. but I have no
3. specific favorite TV show!

Three languages you wish you knew
1. Chinese (haha, lol, yep)
2. any other Asian language
3. a regional dialect (probably Cebuano?)

Three of your most recent texts (who from)
1. Mariah
2. Tita Viol
3. Kael

Three people you last messaged on Facebook
1. Angelique + Mariah + Mika (group message)
2. Josip
3. Raissa

Three things you consider to major in
1. International Studies?
2. D&CA?
3. Linguistics? (Yes, I was inspired by today’s seminar.)

Three songs you last heard
1. 大嘴巴《流感》
2. 周杰伦《听妈妈的话》
3. 林俊杰《编号89757》

Three websites you are on right now
1. WordPress
2. Peysbuk
3. Charles’ blog (lol)

Three things you last ate
1. Squash
2. Bistek
3. Sigarilyas (no, not sigarilyo, lol)

Three places you’ve lived in
1. Metro Manila…
2. That’s
3. it

Three places you’d like to visit
1. Any
2. country,
3. really!

Three things you’re looking forward to
1. The day exams will be done (lol, it hasn’t even started yet)
2. Friday
3. The long weekend

Three of your favorite teachers (even if you’re out of school, think back)
1. Ms. Ramos
2. Sir Kel
3. Sir C

Three of your favorite subjects in school
1. Filipino
2. Math, but only way back in grade school. Lol.
3. Social Studies (in general)

Three things to the right of you
1. Laptop
2. Glass
3. Blinds

Three things to the left of you
1. My Geom notes and worksheet
2. Pencil case
3. Cellphone

Three celebrity crushes
1. 朱梓骁 :’)
3. Xian Lim? Haha.

Three reasons you’re single (or taken)
1. Hindi
2. ko
3. alam. Haha.

Three things you like to do on the weekends
1. Go online
2. Blog and read a ton of blogs
3. Lakwatcha!

Three things you’re feeling right now
1. Happy
2. Sad
3. (I think I’m bipolar)

Three things you hate
1. Matapobre people
2. Racism

Three things you love
1. Nai cha
2. C-pop
3. The weekend
[ Love from ServinSurveys dot multiply dot com ]


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