Three Things (On Blogging + Languages + Dramas)

Because I actually miss writing 500-word paragraphs for school-unrelated things:

On this Blog-a-Day Challenge…

A week has passed since Jem, Raissa and I agreed on participating in this Blog-a-Day challenge, and I am proud to say that we have been religiously complying with this agreement for (exactly) ten days straight! It makes me glad having realized that we can actually do it, you know, to blog everyday, despite our busy and hectic schedules due to schoolwork and co-curricular activities.

On blogging…

I really don’t know exactly what our motivation is to be able to do it, but whatever it is, I’m happy… but I’m gonna be honest. Most of the things written on those days were I-only-blogged-just-for-the-sake-of-complying posts. Well, at least for me. What’s a screenshot of our corny Skype group chat, or some lame typography-ish thing made on CS3? Just like yesterday evening, Raissa told me that I was madaya because I only posted a picture to satisfy my blog’s post for today. Just a picture. But I told her that a picture is worth… a thousand words, right? Lol, omg, I am so corny.

Now, it’s as if my purpose for blogging is like some household chore I have to do — doesn’t matter if I do it well or not; just as long as I could get it over with for the day. And I realized that I seriously have to ditch that “habit” or whatchamacallit. It’s as if there is no “essence” anymore in what I try to write (well… was there ever? Haha, jk.) It made me realize that the “real” bloggers are those who sit down and find time to write. They’re the ones who blog for themselves and not for any other reason. So today, I make a pledge. Lol.

On languages…

I haven’t dedicated much time to language-learning as much as I wanted to. It’s the actual process of communicating (read: talking through chatting) with native speakers and reading e-books on grammar and sentence construction that I’m missing out on. But when the smallest opportunity to immerse myself in the language comes, like when I see Joy’s Korean seaweed food packaging during breaks, or when I channel-scan Chinese channels on TV, I try my best to gain something out of it. I guess you can still consider that learning!

Jem, my awesome fellow FEGC(C)KT-er, and I borrowed books from the library. She got four books (we just pulled out whatever had “German” or “Deutsch” in its title, haha) while I got three Chinese ones. Actually, two of them are the ones I have been renewing (and renewing) since sophomore year… oh, shame on me, lol. Yeah, I never really got to read them from page to page, which is why they’ve just been adding weight to my backpack for the past, I don’t know, nine months (minus summer)?

Raissa, ba’t ‘di ka sumama? Lol.

A haggard-looking picture… but in fairness, Jem still looks good! Haha.

Omg, Jem… overdue na libro natin!

At masingit nga lang ang litrato namin ni Mariah. :p Oh, hi Anna!

On catching up on dramas…

It was one Sunday morning when I was channel-scanning Chinese channels. Hunan TV was airing a drama during that time. I don’t usually stay long on a certain channel (unless it’s a show I’m familiar with, like Happy Camp) and would only “watch” if there are Chinese subtitles shown on screen because unfortunately, this stupid brain of mine can’t manage to comprehend 100% oral Chinese. Anyway, the drama 《一起来看流星雨》 on air caught my attention because of the characters who were rather young and youthful-looking and it was a show situated in school. It gave me that Boys Over Flowers or Meteor Garden vibe. It’s been years since I last watched a drama, and it’s one of the many things I would love to do but can’t, due to schoolwork. But now, like with blogging, I will try my best to make time for it. I’m actually stuck in three (or four?) Taiwanese and Korean dramas and I had put them on hold, which I have been doing since… forever. (Sorry, Aira, break muna from Autumn’s Concerto!)

I’m about to start watching the second episode and so far, I can say I like it. It’s the first mainland Chinese drama I’m watching, so it’s pretty exciting to see how it’s different from or similar to Taiwanese drama. I’m still trying to get used to their accent because for some reason, I prefer hearing Taiwanese speak Mandarin. Or maybe I’m just biased.

流星雨. Click to view source

And I will admit, it’s also because of this guy that made me more curious in this show.

Click to view source

朱梓骁, 你很可爱!

Omg, I don’t know why but he makes me go –> O____________O!

He actually looks more like a person who comes from a K-pop group, haha. Too bad his role in the drama is some rebel-ish dude in the campus. But I prefer good guys, lol.

Click to view source

When I am asked what my type of guy is physically, I would say that I prefer “chinito” guys, but I could never give a specific person as an example of who I find really cute or handsome.

So, now you know. :p


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