Been stuck at home for three and a half days due to the suspension of classes. Classes are gonna resume most likely tomorrow. No signs of rain at this very moment… as I look out of the window, it is sunny. Very sunny. Now I feel sick due to the non-stop rain for the past we and bipolar weather.

Haha, I wrote that paragraph around 11 hours ago and things, well… have changed. School cancelled classes for tomorrow but “observes Solidarity and Service Day” tomorrow, as stated on the website.

I’m only blogging right now just for the sake of complying with our Blog a Day challenge. Sorry Jem, sorry Raissa! I really don’t feel well now… even if you give me mango sago, I won’t feel like eating it. Haha, jk.

But anyway, before I end this useless post, let me share a link I found when I was reading a blog from Tumblr. Anyone might find this helpful.

Link: How to determine who to unfriend on Facebook.

Hahahaha, LAFTRIP!

No offense meant but I seriously lol’d. Well, I don’t get why people hate them anyway.

Omg I can’t stop laughing ’til now.


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