Zipline-ing on a Rainy Day

The weekend was a mixture of leisure and productivity — academic wise.

My weekend was spent in doing the video for our project in Algebra-Geometry-English. Since Friday, from dusk to dawn (well, not really), it was all I was doing. On the day of this trip (which was today), I wasn’t exactly finished with it yet, and I knew I needed to finish it since the deadline is already tomorrow. It was a very tough decision to decide whether to stay at home and do the project, or spend the day going out on an adventure to spend some time with my brother and cousin. But I couldn’t just miss this opportunity to unwind and explore. Eh, I would do anything to travel!

So I chose the second option. I can’t believe I did, though.

We went to Club Manila East, in Taytay, Rizal to be exact. It didn’t sink in at once that I was in a place outside of Metro Manila. Wow, I’m not in NCR! I was so amazed. I don’t know, does anybody else feel this? Oo, mababaw ako, hehe.

It isn’t peak season so there were not a lot of people and not all the amenities were available, so the place wasn’t fully-functional. The only chain open was Shakey’s! Jollibee and Chowking were closed… boo.

The lobby gave me this native feel because of the abaca sofas and wood design.

The pool was so big, grabe!


超群 – Chowking. GIANT HALO-HALO!


Siyempre, may photo op, haha.


Comic Sans MS, woot!


Ma-like nga. Haha.


Although the weather didn’t cooperate with the things we could have done, there was one thing I didn’t miss — trying the zipline! I didn’t even know that this was part of our itinerary so I was so unprepared. I didn’t mentally, physically, psychologically (and all -ically you can think of) prepare myself for this. I have no fear of heights but anything similar to roller coasters or what is not something I can say I genuinely look forward to.

And guess what, it wasn’t scary at all!

This was our one and only picture… which I know looks like something I got from Google, lol. Even I am not convinced that I’m that dot you see right there, haha, jk. Thanks Tita for posting it on FB!

I couldn’t believe we zipline-d when the rains were really strong. It was drizzling, and when it was already our turn, the rain just poured right on us. So unlucky. Not only that — ang lakas ng hangin, grabe! Our clothes were soaking wet. Wa, parusa. Lol.

I’m not exactly sure how high that was but it was a beautiful feeling being up above the world (hah, literally, jk)! All what we saw were trees. It really wasn’t scary as I thought it was. Now I can say that roller coasters are much scarier.

So yes, I did not regret choosing this over school work. I am such a bad influence on myself.

One thing to scratch off my bucket list!


3 thoughts on “Zipline-ing on a Rainy Day

  1. glad you had fun (over a weekend of… bleh with baby seal lol).

  2. Hah. :)) Thanks! *sarcastic haha* Yeah Ikr. *does the clapping-applaud-thing* Oh, which reminds me… onions! Same way too.

  3. Ikaw naman, would you choose THAT over yeah. =)))))


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