FEGCKT! + Friends + Languages

So glad that is week is (almost) over!

Well, I actually like this school week. We had no tests at all… which is probably the first and last time it will happen. The past two weeks, we had tests every single day (no joke) and that’s just the worst feeling ever. Two Mondays ago, we had four tests. And everyone knows that that’s not even allowed. Wo de tian.

Anyway, other reason why I can say I liked how this week went is because of other stuff that happened in school, which of course, is not the academics part. They’re mostly related to friends + classmates + languages. Probably the most memorable of them all is FEGCKT!, which is pronounced as “Fuh-guck(t)” (-uh-, not –e-, because we’re sosyal like that, lol, jk), is something Jem, Raissa and I came up with during PE class. It stands for all the languages we know/are trying to learn. I try to learn Zhongwen; Jem, Deutsch; Raissa, français (or is it Français?) We all share this common goal of learning a foreign language, plus, we’re part of the school paper, kaya talagang magkasundo kaming lahat! Hehe. And, and, ohhhh, we love talking in Tagalog, El Fili style. On Skype. Kami’y mga makata. Magaling, magaling! Hahaha, laftrip talaga. It’s great to see how they’re very passionate about learning and mastering the languages because they, well, inspire me a lot. We all motivate each other. While everyone’s chit-chatting during free time, we’re on our seats, reading our language books like geeks, talking to ourselves like idiots, and mimic-ing what each of us says. Bonchon, bonchooooon!

Speaking of that, during lunch time, Joy and I went to the library. I scoured the shelves of the languages section looking for books to read. I ended up getting two Chinese books and a Greek book just for the heck of it (because it looked so interesting, but Charles ended up trying to read it, but of course, neither of us could read anything, lol). I hated one of the Chinese books I read — it absolutely had no Chinese characters in it, just plain romanization, and the “kind” I had never seen. I tried to read but nothing made sense. As we three were seated, Martin popped up out of no where (lol, after trying to play hide-and-seek with Keenan right inside the library, laftrip!) and he grabbed one of the books on the table. I knew that he knew Chinese so I asked him to read. Wow, he was so awesome, I swear. Not only can I ask help in Korean but… also in Chinese! I asked him to read the four different tones of a certain syllable and it seemed so effortless for him. Everything just slipped off his tongue so smoothly. I tried to mimic all what he said but I sounded so weird and unnatural. It was so funny, but it was fun. For a guy who had lessons for three months two years ago, he was so good. I really appreciated it and I was so happy. Now Charles thinks FEGCKT! is about worshipping demons. Hah, what.

My friends give me hope. Mga kaibigan, isipin natin tayo’y magaling, ito’y ating kayanin. At oo, ako’y hindi pa tapos ngunit ako lamang ay tumutupad sa ating usapan. 😉

Magaling, magaling.

*to be continued*

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