哇,I’m blogging. On a Wednesday. On a school day. And I can’t believe it!

Usually it takes me an hour or two to compose a blog post, but now I am hurrying as fast I can. It’s two past 10 and I have never felt this sleepy.  But I’m blogging, well, because… I should. Should — meganon? Honestly, I am not in my right mind to actually put some “effort” to make my sentences congruent… wait, what, Geom? So, yeah, maybe I’ll just write whatever pops into my head without pressing the back space button.

Jem, Raissa and I have agreed that we would participate in a “Blog a Day” challenge starting today, August 1. I honestly don’t remember who brought it up. I think it was me? But I swear, I can’t believe I actually agreed to be part of it. With so many tasks and duties to fulfill everyday, how can one blog every single day? I don’t know… but the quote, “Kung ayaw may dahilan, kung gusto, may paraan,” says it all. Which yes, I realized. I come up with so many excuses for not updating this. All you need is to make time for it, which I guess applies to everything as well. Blogging everyday means making this my personal-personal-personal diary, so probably the easiest way blog is to write about the happenings for the day. Not so hard, I guess. This blog is slowly turning into a crapload of uselessness and shallowness!

Wow, it’s seven minutes to 11 pm and this is all I ended up with. A I-blogged-just-for-the-sake-of-posting-for-our-blog-a-day-challenge post. Raissa, Jem — how did you come up with meaningful and sensible blog posts? Gah! Haha. Eh, I was supposed to blog more, specifically about FEGCKT!.

And I end last place for posting today. Wait! ‘Di naman ‘to contest, diba? Oh, haha, I posted!

Let’s see how far we can all go.


7 thoughts on “Speed-Blogging

  1. Hahahahaha hi fellow FEC(C)GK-er! I’m in the library now… ang daming German books grabe as in! Punta ka dito :))))))

  2. Ah ganun pala. =)) Hala! Paano ka nag-iinternet? Nasa library ako ngayon! Oh yeah, dala mo iPad mo. =))))

  3. Oh ehm three minutes away. ang dami kasing tumitingin tingin kanina eh, kasama na si Baby Seal. =)))))

  4. Anong sabi? Woot woot :))
    Hello, minessage kita sa FB! O gusto mo sa Iskayp?

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