After 40 Days

I blog again.

Wow, it’s been forever. It feels like I made blogging a lenten sacrifice. All the 300-word paragraphs I have written are nothing but research papers, Gospel reflections, articles for the school paper — school-related things. Ever since school started, man did I feel so deprived of everything (lol). But today, classes were suspended due to the heavy winds and rains — a perfect day to start catching up on things (and have a life again — wait, what, I never had a life!), like blogging.

Well, let’s see… it’s 2:48 pm. Headphones on my ears, listening to 《天龙八部之宿敌》 — I love this song and I don’t know why. If Jay Chou has 《青花瓷》,VAE has this. Well, that’s only my opinion though. I love VV! I love VV! I love VV!

So, as always, school’s been such a burden. I think I’m getting that “feeling” again — nobody exactly knows what that feeling I’m pertaining to is. I didn’t feel this last school year. What is it, the thirty-fourth day of school? I don’t feel good about this school year. There are so many things that had happened so far that I don’t know why they even had to happen.

There’s heavy workload I have to deal with every single day (thanks to xuexiao). Everything I do everyday is for school  and I can’t even do the things I want to do. (So now it makes me wonder if I was that person instead who didn’t give a crap about school… would life be so much better?)

It’s no fun really. What sucks the most is when you study hard and do what you can, but there’s no feeling of fulfillment. You get your test results, and… you just feel like a total failure. Speaking of that, well, I’ve been trying and doing just about everything I can to help myself “focus” — it’s the most crucial school year after all. I haven’t viewed my Facebook news feed for days as not to distract me. My bookmark for Facebook is the messages link, so I wouldn’t be tempted to look at the homepage and scroll stuff (some meaningful, while most, yeah, useless and pointless, hah). So yup. I don’t know whose birthday is it, so sorry, friends, if I didn’t greet you!

But I guess I don’t want to elaborate more on this. As much as I want to rant endlessly, I can’t, thanks to the super cool URL of this blog. I have been squeezing my creative juices out thinking of a new username — wow, my first and last name as my blog URL… what was I thinking when I was in grade five? Hehe.

Well, anyway, enough of the negativity.


Hah. Possibly one of the most shallow blog posts ever.


2 thoughts on “After 40 Days

  1. creative juices. I like that. maybe that should be your url: squeezingoutmycreativejuices. B-)
    oh-kay, if you got over my weirdness, here’s the rest of my comment:

    I still hate school 🙂 I think the pressure of impending doom, *AHEM* college applications and such is getting to… well, not just you. 😛

  2. Hahahaha, pwede, pwede. Just to get away with this url of mine. Haha. :))

    I do, too. Yes, I agree.

    Paumanhin, paumanhin. Ako’y inaantok na kaya hindi ako makagawa ng disenteng ‘comment’. Yesssssss!

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