The Past Week + Back to Reality

Books.  My last Saturday before school was spent in covering our books with plastic. So much for my last, precious weekend!

Uniforms.  And my last Sunday was spent in sewing my patches on my uniform. Sewing that “III” patch left me a bit sentimental… I’m growing up too fast.

Nametags. Printed name tags for this school year. My section, when you look at it, looks annoying. Justin Bieber? Lol.

老师好! My brother told me that his P.E. teacher knew Chinese and asked them to be greeted with “Laoshi hao,” and “Laoshi, zaijian.” Not only that — they even have to clasp their hands and bow! Wow. How cute. When can I have someone near me (literally) that can speak the language? Hmm. I must meet him soon. Lol.

Weekly Planner. And that was written on the first Friday of the school year. Not fun.

Zhongwen.  Finally laid these books on my hands again after around three months. Borrowed them from the library. There were no books in Hangeul so I thought of borrowing these again. And hopefully I would actually get to read you two!

Pictures. The annual 1×1 and 2×2 pictures.

What’s Inside My (School) Bag.  A yellow clear book, El Filibusterismo book (not seen), Alg and Geom notebooks, beige binder, daily planner (a must-have, trust me!), folded intermediate pad, a brown pouch, umbrella, pink Matryoshka pencil case, scientific calculator.

Broken Jake.  Jake from Adventure Time made from Lego by my brother! Hmm… I think I was the one who broke it. Oh, the klutz in me. Hehe.

So the first week of school has passed. Nothing much. It makes me so much happier that I am classmates with a few of my closest friends (and people I can say I “genuinely” like to be classmates with). I’m seated at the second column, second row, which is near the door — a door with a very big window which can be so distracting. We didn’t really have to introduce ourselves in a lot of subjects (thank goodness!). I think we’re all sick of that already. A few changes were implemented. Our CL isn’t Philosophy anymore — it’s now Morality. I remember talking to one of our teachers about this when I saw her at the mall a couple of months ago (lol, Ik), and surprisingly (well, not really) that she’s one of my teachers now. Hmm… what else? It seems like a very busy school year, not to mention that it’s the most crucial of them all. I’m going to try my luck this third year.

Rants and ramblings in bullet-form:

  • Goodbye Chem, hello Physics! I hope we get along.
  • This certain activity for a certain class is seriously killing me. It’s barely the first few days of school and it’s giving me a reason not to like this year.
  • M to the A o the I-T-A~ Oh gahd no.
  • I’m busmates with Ching!
  • People I’m with: Ching, Joy, Mariah, Mika.
  • Angelique, it feels incomplete without you by our side.
  • Yey. Copo in the house — Enzo (or more like Escobabes, laftrip!), Maita, Raissa!
  • Porkchop & Friends!
  • Hi, el presidente. You again.
  • Currently listening to 永远在身边 – 大嘴巴。
  • And now to 素颜 – 许嵩。
  • I hate waking up early.
  • Omg, it’s 11:27 PM.
  • And I was supposed to upload music on my music player.
  • Oh well. Same songs on the bus again. Haha.
  • And I have to wake up at around 5 AM.
  • Tell me I can blog tomorrow?
  • Goodbye QQ. Goodbye Skype. My life is over… haha.
  • Three words: I miss summer.
  • Wan an. Paalam.

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