In a Nutshell: Sophomore Year

Another year of high school will officially start tomorrow, June 13, and I am everything but prepared. I realized that three months of summer have passed and disappeared into thin air and I haven’t made any reflection on the past school year, as I did for freshman year, which I had written a very lengthy post about. Before I finally enter into a new chapter, let me first conclude the past… hmm. Haha.

Oh, sophomore year. There’s just something about that second year of being a high school student. Not all good, although not all bad memories either — the year our efforts had been praised, the year I had positions I was not worthy of, the year I had shotgun-ed Math tests, the year I had to decide between my heart and head’s desires — as cheesy as it sounds, the year of new, beautiful and unforgettable experiences, the year of having to find a common ground between being one of them and doing my role well, the year I had once sworn I wouldn’t care but I did, the year of having to deal with absolute freeloaders, the year of pressure and whatnot, the year I was able to go around and see the real world, the year being thisclose to personalities, the year I had my heart severely broken (because of Chem, oh beloved Chem, wait till we meet again!), the year I met them, the year I got my lowest final grade in my report card in my entire life, the year of absolutely no eight-hour sleep — absolutely being the operative word, the year of constructing drafts and writing articles, but not for this blog, the year that will never come back, the year… and this long list and sentence just go on.

For this school year, I decided to make a change and leave the wordy paragraphs behind and instead, post pictures during this whole course of sophomore year — 12 photos to be exact. 12, because it was my twelfth year of school (lol, how shallow, Ik, Ik.) Wow, and I just realized while typing that sentence, that I have half of that more. Loooong way to go!

Well, pictures are worth a thousand words anyway, right? 🙂

To my loving adviser and the person who sweetly scolded me if my job done was a failure (heh, I kid, I thought I did pretty fine)…

To my barkada, the no-name barkada, the friends I’m with recess-lunch-wherever-whenever — in and out of the campus, as far as Shang, Pueblo, Sharetea…

To my smartest classmate and friend who will be my classmate again (surprisingly, woot!) and the future E-I-C, oh *insert Y!M emoticon bowing down here*…

Because I’m lazy to scroll our class’ Facebook group to look for one of the few random almost-complete class pictures we have… well, here’s to the no-rest days we all shared, which was, well, everyday…

To the people I am closest with in my class…

Because you’re a thousand miles away, you deserve a space of your own here…

To the el presidente (yep, I knew that was redundant), who is SURPRISINGLY my classmate again this junior year, and I don’t know how it happened — sixth year?! And yes, I’m sick of your face, haha (and you, sick of my face yet, bro? :p)…

To my Copo-mates — here’s to the press works, hours of endlessly editing and revising, boisterous laughs in the van or at the auditorium, and the unforgettable and worthwhile seminars, workshops and talks we’ve attended, whether it was during this three-month summer or not…

To my super awesome club adviser and all who the campus journ bow down to…

Because I don’t have a picture with only the two of you… the girl in the left will be my classmate again this school year and the feeling is amazing — four years in a row… when we see each other tomorrow, the first thing I’ll do is to bombard you with endless Hangeul… and to the girl on the right, it was the first year, and hopefully it wouldn’t be the last…

This picture has not much significance as this group was my group in my Chemistry IP (well, Maita + Chem didn’t really get along well)… but wow, it’s so surprising we’re classmates again… yey, we three — Porkchop & Friends!

And to the girls who made my first few hours of summer a rollercoaster ride (you can take that literally!).

Ten words for all of you: Thank you all for being part of my sophomore year!

And now, off we go the second half.

And now I wonder when I can blog again…


2 thoughts on “In a Nutshell: Sophomore Year

  1. Of course you do :p I-link ko blog mo ha. Hahaha :))))))

    Heck no. :))))))) HOY TULOG NA! Hahahahaha matutulog na nga ako T_T

    MEET ME AT THE CORRIDOR TOMORROW! (Omg eff that word. Haha.) Tabihan mo ako sa linya obviously ako nanaman pinakapandak :>) *ehem, ehem*

    Raissa, see you!

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