At dahil gusto ko lang mag-blog ng ganitong oras…

  • 两天。。。
  • Wasted my Saturday covering books for school.
  • Wasted my Sunday sewing patches on my uniform.
  • Wasted my last, precious weekend.
  • Another year.
  • With you.
  • Maita + naicha = maicha. Haha.
  • Taiguo, when will we meet again?
  • What’s up with the letter B? Why am I always in B?
  • Pacquiao. Bakit?
  • Set your goals. Strive for them. Awoooooooooh!
  • SB 2.0. A good thing, or maybe not.
  • We were once a romantic mystery~…
  • Yep, kanta ‘yan.
  • YEY, WE THREE! 😀
  • Always Online – 林俊杰
  • 如果有一天。。。 hmm…
  • So you want to learn Zhongwen? Woot!
  • Hi, Hangeul. Hello.
  • Autant en emporte le vent, gone with the wind~
  • Bakit ang bait mo?
  • Bakit ako?
  • Positive-thinking, Maita! Positive-thinking!
  • Ohwelz.
  • Wan an na nga.
  • Haha 🙂
  • Paalam.

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