Photo Dump {Part One}

Cleaned up the memory card of the camera in preparation for today’s trip because I know I’ll get the hang of taking a lot of pictures, and I mean a lot of them! Saving them on the computer would take so much space and I don’t think it’s all worth it, although I don’t think that I’d be happy to delete them either. So I thought of dumping all of them little by little on this blog… which I guess is so much better than having 376 photos take 1.83 gb of space (seriously? how on earth did that happen?) on the hard drive or make all this vanish into thin air. After all, the pictures I take are mostly shallow such as food, food, and food. While browsing, I realized that I actually enjoy taking pictures of the most pointless things ever — I even saw a sink. If that isn’t pointless, I don’t know what else is. Well, I consider my blog in a way shallow too so I guess adding these pictures here wouldn’t hurt. 😀

I like to take pictures but I’m no photographer… I know nothing on the rule of thirds, ISO, aperture or what. I just like to snap around (well, as you see), especially if it’s people involved.

Jin tian. See you. 🙂


How I talk to myself: mostly in Taglish.

Oh, Zhongwen. I seriously need to go back to square one!

Valentine’s Day. Hehe. Thanks, friends!


Look! The bowls are bigger than our faces.

Omg. Was my hair THAT long? I never even noticed.

Dati Mytha, ngayon Maida… oh, Maita!

Will I see a real one soon?

Masaya na ‘ko sa tatlong ‘to. Dati ‘yun.


In my six years of blogging, never did I post a picture of myself — as in me, myself, and I (well, not counting my Gravatar). All alone. Great. Now is the first. What an achievement!


The road I take everyday


Now I can say why I took a picture of this attendance sheet — all the teachers signed! I don’t think it ever happened again.

Jk. Take me back to sophomore year!


Today is the day! Lalala~


6 thoughts on “Photo Dump {Part One}

  1. June 7?! Wth omg :(( Sabi nga nila May 30… eh tapos na ang May 30… :p Feeling ko ibibigay ‘yan days before school. Hahaha. I bet 10. :))

  2. That’s what they say on our batch Facebook… (Only reason I would check there, ever).

    Isn’t it extremely useless to give it a couple of days before. Parang hindi na rin nila rinelease.

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