Hey, it’s our faces on the newspaper!

Talk about excitement and shock! My fellow campus journ, Bellie, texted me two weeks ago asking if she could use the pictures I uploaded on Facebook of LSPCon ’12 for her article in Manila Bulletin. I said why not — it would be my greatest pleasure. A few days ago, I woke up to her text message saying that her article had been published in the campus section of the daily newspaper. I wasn’t exactly sure what photo she used, although I thought, most likely, it was of the speakers we had during the event — such as the prominent ones like Boy Abunda. Interested to read her writings and curious to see which picture was included, I headed to Mini-Stop to grab a copy. Much to my dismay, there were no copies anymore (as it was late afternoon already). But I was very fortunate to have gotten a copy for free (eh, not really!) at a store a hundred steps away.

As I took a glance of the paper, I was like, NO WAY.

Whooooooooooooa, our faces. On the national newspaper!

I was shocked. What I envisioned was a dark, candid, grainy picture of a resource speaker standing by the podium, with weird facial expressions and all. But no, it was our faces — it was us!

Bellie said that I would be given credits for the picture. Well, that was the one I was actually looking forward to — caption-caption, photo by Maita. Oh! Yeah, why not? I think that reading my name (rather than seeing my face, honestly) on a broadsheet would be the coolest thing ever. Well, it turned out there wasn’t any (eh, I’m not even a prominent figure to even begin with). But, hey, MB, a picture’s still a picture, right? 😀

Here’s the picture on Facebook:

You know the feeling that same picture’s found on the SD card of your camera and now it’s printed… on the national paper? Now I have something to tease them with! Ohhh, Raissa, YO’ FAMOUUUUUUUUS! Heh, I kid. We’re not… that shallow. Haha!

The title of the article was “My first press con” dated Friday, May 18, 2012.

Thank you, Bellie, for a good read! And thank you, Copo, for giving us so many opportunities! Another school year is heading on its way (well, sadly)… let’s do this!


9 thoughts on “Hey, it’s our faces on the newspaper!

  1. no I didn’t! we don’t buy newspapers unless my dad’s here, and he only buys inquirer/star.

    post it siguro on our copo site, baka hindi rin alam ng iba :))

  2. Hahaha, I see. :)) Ako rin eh, kung hindi sinabi ni Bellie, ‘di ko rin malalaman. :)) Eh, pagpasok nalang.

    Say what? :p

  3. Haha sinabi mo? :)))))))) Yung sa’kin nga, ‘di ko mahanap… lol. Kapag nahanap ko yung sa’kin, i-photocopy mo or something. :)) Saan ka makakakuha ng original copy? Hehe. Hmm.. punta kang MB office :)))) Jk. Ka-hassle naman nun. Haha :))

  4. Heheh :p I just showed my mom. She probably forgot it by now…

    Hahahah, picture-picture na lang. Wall na tayong press work before school? :))

  5. Wala na siguro. :))))) Eh, gusto mo ba? Ilang araw nalang. Hahahahaha T_T :)))))))))

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