Sleepover at Mariah’s + Mall-hopping


The only reason why I’m blogging now is because the people you are about to see as you scroll down are pressuring me to update this blog (I have never been so “pressured” to compose a blog post!). I don’t know what for… maybe because they want to see their faces in a place outside the walls of FB. Lol, jk. I mean, well… I want to learn Hangeul now! C’mon. Haha.

051012. It was another getaway with my friends (minus one) although we did not go pass the vicinity of Metro Manila. No long car trips, no pasalubong to bring home, no walks on the beach. We went to two (actually, three!) different malls and such an achievement not to spend for anything except food. Walking around malls going nowhere = bliss!

Aside from mall-hopping, we had a movie marathon. Also, we tried to talk to my friends on QQ and Skype — whoever we saw online. Everything was a fail, but it’s all fun. 😀

We mostly stayed at SM Megamall‘s foodcourt. It took us forever to decide on what to eat… haha, girl problems. Wait, I take that back. Do only girls experience that? Mariah ate mango with bagoong, Mika, shawarma. I got nachos.


As we arrived at Mariah’s and when Mika and I entered the bedroom, this was what greeted us. So sweet. 🙂


I saw this right beside the TV! I’m not really into action movies but how could I not have watched? It was 周杰伦! My idol.

In two days, we were able to watch seven movies. Well, I can’t say that I was able to watch all seven since when they were being played, I had my own little world — the computer. Hah, I sometimes think what kind of a friend I am. I’m not really that person super fond of movies. It all depends, actually!

We watched:

  • Phobia 2 (ห้าแพร่ง )
  • The Lovely Bones
  • Dark Shadows
  • Hot Chick
  • The Grudge 3
  • A  Cinderella Story
  • Barbie (!)


Just when I was craving for stir-fry noodles, what we ate tasted like cardboard.


Dark Shadows @ Shangrila Mall. 😀 My friends were planning to watch American Pie: Reunion but it was rated R-18. They really wanted to watch it so they asked the cashier if minors were allowed to watch. I said, “Bakit kailangang magtanong? We look old anyway.” Hahahahaha, true story.

If they didn’t ask, I am 101% sure we would be allowed and not even be questioned at the cinema!


Oh, meet my super fashionable friends!

Of course, the person holding the camera will never have pictures of himself or herself! Call it behind-the-scenes.


Satisfied our daily fix of cha at Sharetea.




I honestly don’t like this picture because of how I look here… I know it sounds so vain and all, but this was the only “decent” complete picture we had — since the others were blurry. The reason why is because this picture shows a lot of my insecurities and frustrations, although I’ll leave you to infer what they are! Well, one is pretty obvious, right?

But sometimes, or maybe most of the time, we simply have to drop and ditch the “imperfections” we see because after all, it’s not how you look on the picture, but what makes the picture that matters. 😀

Well, trust me. Nobody will ever know if you don’t like how you look on a picture — which is why I get pissed with people who untag themselves on the photos I upload. Uploading a multitude of pixels and tagging your face are not easy as yi-er-san, yeah? Haha, batu-bato sa langit, matamaan magalit! Kidding.


I have this weird thing with fonts. Oooh, Arial Rounded MT Bold.


It’d be so cool to have something like those Chinese characters on the walls of my room. 😀


Taro + Taiwan Classic + Taro

Enjoyed everything! And I mean, everything, yeah, even when you, Mika, shouted while watching The Grudge and there wasn’t even a ghost… it was a black screen, I remember. Yeah, my eardrums actually hurt till now. :p Jk, jk!

Mariah, thank you, thank you! Thanks for welcoming me and Mika with open arms. Hi kay Ate Maita. Laftrip. And, oohhh, Skyy!

May 20. Is. fast. approaching. We speak five languages. Repeat after me. 😀


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