Killing Time at Starbucks

050312. Busy day today. Woke up at nearly 6 am and got ready for day one of LSPCon. I’ve been out the whole day, and  I am still not at home yet. I had dinner by myself at McDo and I’m at Starbucks now (me?! at Starbucks?), just because it’s the only place where I can get access to internet in the area (it’s not even Wifi, I paid P60/hour for a prepaid card!) It’s really cold in here. Ordered a hot green tea latte. Tabs opened — my e-mail, the Starbucks log-in page and Facebook. Programs opened — Skype and QQ, the usual.

Something really weird happened while Raissa and I were walking near the cinemas (was it even near the cinemas?) We were just talking to each other so I wasn’t really aware of the people walking around us. I saw someone waving, peripheral vision. As I took a glance, it was one of my teachers last school year! It was really cool since a) I never see my teachers outside school, b) I haven’t seen any of them for so long, c) she was the one who said hi first and d) she was with her boyfriend! I mean, I’m not generalizing but some teachers seem to be like celebrities… they don’t want to be asked about their personal life especially about their boyfriends or girlfriends and they don’t like to add kids on their Facebook accounts (although of course I understand due to privacy reasons, and yeah, some students can just be plain annoying and stalker-ish).

I had this teacher back in first year high school who said that they (teachers) usually don’t like going to the usual malls such as ATC or Greenbelt (mga sosyal na mall, lol) since they see people from school. So I thought that it was really nice that it was her who approached us! My initial reaction was to smile back and wave as well, and me being the “respectful” and polite kid (say what?), I also smiled and waved at her boyfriend. She said, “Nag-hello ka naman!” Thinking about it… what did I just do?! I just said hi to her boyfriend… what the heck. So awkward! Oooooh, the “too” friendly Maita. Thanks, Ms., for changing my impression on what teachers can be outside the walls of the campus.

I thought that ₱60/hour + ₱135 for the smallest cup of latte were such a rip-off. Well, err… I mean, I could have saved, but then I haven’t used the computer yet today, and I can wait no more! As I opened my e-mail, there were so many messages waiting to be read from people who really mean a lot to me. Seven messages to be exact — Facebook messages from Mariah, Angelique and Mika (they’ve been texting me the whole day but I can’t waste load), e-mail from Victor (we made him happy, which makes us happier!), Facebook message from Raffy (no big deal but I haven’t seen him in 14 hours, haha), Facebook message from Raissa (thanks for touring me around ATC!) and a Facebook message from Josip whom I haven’t talked to for years (read: days). You’re alive, my friend. Happy to hear from him again.

I was talking to them via Facebook, and suddenly the internet’s all been used up. One hour well spent.

Made my day. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Killing Time at Starbucks

  1. YES IT WAS NEAR THE CINEMAS. That day was lovely, mind you, because of that encounter.
    (I’m only slightly sarcastic. I do love her personality and it’s amazing when you see teachers outside. Co-students, not so much.)

  2. I agree with everything you said. :)) Will never forget that day! 😀

    Shettt… iskul. T_T

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