What Today Was Like + 042612

Personal-personal-personal blog post treated like a diary entry.

10:00 – Woke up to the text of my mom saying that there was milk tea in the ref and I had a letter from Russia. Yey!

10:45 – Mailed four postcards to the USA, the Netherlands, Russia and Australia. I like how the postcard website I use makes you send postcards to random people and random countries. I guess that’s the fun and excitement of it — the “anonymity” and surprise.

11:03 – One life-changing decision… err, not really. After exactly a month I finally had the “courage” to press the “Online” button on QQ. I’m on QQ everyday but I’m ALWAYS invisible, so I never start the conversation myself. I don’t know what made me do it… so in a span of 10 minutes I had 9 chat windows open. It was a good feeling actually getting to talk to a lot of people especially those I haven’t talked to since forever (but it often confused me who I was actually talking to). I really don’t know why I never go online. I mean, I’m not that person who goes online but puts her status as “busy” because, what the hell’s your point of going online if you’re not going to let people chat with you? And what if people want to chat with you and they can’t?

But I don’t know. It just feels more comfortable being invisible, at least for me. But then I realized that being online is not so bad either.

11:07 – Saw Victor online. Omg, it’s been forever. 😦

11:12 – Was thinking whether to message him or not… yeah, I’m weird, I sometimes hesitate to start the conversation (okay, it happens ALL the time). I’m not one who starts it no matter how much I want to talk to a person because I’m always so anxious and I have so many what if’s. (What if’s he’s/she’s busy? What if he/she doesn’t want to talk to me? What if? What if? Once I made my status something like, “Doesn’t mean I don’t start the conversation, doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk to you. :)”

11:13 – I ended up messaging him anyway. No reply, but then his status changed to “away”. So I thought too much… sure, I kinda felt disappointed since it’s been forever since we had a decent conversation. I thought too much… “Naku, Huangyan Dao! Huangyan Dao!” Hahahahaha. Uy, joke lang ‘yun. Tas sabi ko, “Kung ayaw niya makipag-usap, ‘di ‘wag!” (bitter person right there)

11:20 – Finally got the Russian letter. I knew it was from the postcard website so I wondered why it was in an envelope again. It turned out that… my wishes have been granted! I was so, so, so happy. As stated on my description on the postcards website, I said that I would appreciate it if they could include coins, newspaper clippings, receipts, etc. Yes, I did receive some from her! I got a Russian coin (which can buy nothing as Kaa, the sender, said), receipts from her last grocery (it was beautiful. Russian letters look like Greek and it’s amazing!), a movie ticket to Sherlock Holmes (of course, written in Russian, and I wouldn’t know it was Sherlock if she didn’t mention it at the back of the postcard), bus tickets and a boarding pass (really, boarding pass?!) It was so amazing and it was the nicest feeling early morning. I messaged her and told her that if she wanted me to give her the same thing (but of my own), then no problem. It’s amazing how a person you’ve never talked to and have no idea what he or she might look like has the ability to make you smile. Really.

12:00 – Opened Adobe InDesign in the laptop because the stupid netbook’s resolution is too small for it. Facepalm. Mozilla tabs, Skype and QQ opened on netbook; InDesign and e-mail on the laptop. Stupid to be using two computers both at the same time. I really suck at these things. I wish I was more technical, creative and artistic. Still haven’t had lunch. Drinking milk tea that tasted like patatim. Oo, seryoso, patatim. Probably because of the bay leaves?

12:15 – Facebook messages with Josip. πŸ˜€

1:20 – Still didn’t have lunch. Was waiting for K.M.

1:30 – K.M. arrives from school. He commuted. And he brought with him two sundaes from McDo — one caramel for him and choco for me. Thank you, gege! I have the nicest siblings ever (say what?!) So thoughtful. And I thought my brothers would never buy me stuff (except MRT tickets, LOL). We ate. Had fun conversations too. Told him my concerns and happenings with my language partners. If I tell him about them mentioning their names, that means I like them. πŸ™‚ I mean, I don’t dislike anyone from them… it means that I really like them. Haha. He knows a few.

2:40 – Used the computer again. Saw two messages from Victor (gasp!) and A Kang. Victor said that he was sleeping… hah, I don’t know. But he went offline already before I could reply. A Kang said hi. I replied. He was in school.

3:30 – Endless chats on QQ. Happy feeling. Chat count so far: 11. Chats with long-lost friends.

4:30 – Ciniy messages me on QQ and says, “Can I ask for a favor?” I say yes. She said that she had to deliver a speech tomorrow in English, and asked if I could point out any mistakes in grammar, spelling or pronunciation if there would be any. She sent me a word document of it. On voice chat, she reads it. She said she was nervous and I said that it didn’t matter. It didn’t, really. She was really good! It took us a while to go over the word “blindly”. She had a hard time pronouncing it. “Blandly”, “blendly”, “blahhhhhndleeee”. So I typed “blayndy”. OMG why am I writing this?!

4:45 – After her speech, she asked me if I could talk in Chinese. Oh, gahd. I never expected her to ask me… I was so unprepared. And I honestly didn’t feel like doing it. Not *that* confident yet. She was forcing me but I really didn’t want to. “All foreigners want to learn English and nobody learns Chinese… so I want to hear you speak!” not in verbatim, but what she said made me realize a lot of things. She said β€œ δ½ ε₯½οΌβ€œ a million times. How come she said ε₯½ without the -o part that much? Well, we ended up singing ζ±Ÿε—Β  by ζž—δΏŠζ°γ€‚It was so weird! As always, I had pin yin to the rescue. Lovely song. Then I *accidentally* said “ζ±Ÿε—”。。。she was shocked! I was too. Lol. “You said it right!” Yeah, right!

6:45 – Dinner. Inihaw.

8:00 – It turned out that it was my turn to wash the dishes. Ohhhhhhhh whyyyyyyy… I wanted to chat. Ha, yes, I can be lazy. I had to excuse myself from the people I was chatting with.

8:40 -Liam scanned a note written to me in Chinese. IN CHINESE! I swear all I could recognize was “δ½ ε₯½”!I actually told him not to give me a translation of the letter so that I could be more encouraged to learn (and hopefully master Zhongwen). Meaning, his note would somewhat be a motivation and whatever he wrote would remain a mystery. Yeah, I ended up asking for it anyway. LOL. After he typed the Chinese characters, I was able to depict the characters he wrote on the paper. His letter made me realize that I need not have good handwriting in Chinese and what’s really important are the strokes! But still, whatever I write looks like chicken-scrawl handwriting.

Thanks, Liam. πŸ˜€

11:40 – Chats. Endless chats. Happy. Total count for today: 16.

11:56 – Cellphone rings. At 11:56. 11:56 PM. What? Who could it be?

12:07 – Had an 11-minute call with Mariah. ANG INGAY NI MIKA SA BACKGROUND! >:P Joke. They said that they would call me at 7 AM tomorrow. Did they? Nope. Hahahahaha.


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