On Nai Cha + Looking Old-er

042512. Today was a very hot day. A really hot day. I mean, everyday’s a hot day… but today was just too hot! (When is a day “too” hot?) Iba yung singaw ng araw ngayong araw (awkward sentence — araw at araw). And as the usual thing goes, my brother and I headed to a milk tea store on the way home. He and I have thought ever since that ₱70 (or ₱75, and it doesn’t even have pearls yet!) is too much for a 14-ounce drink. So as the car stopped in front of one store somewhere in Katipunan, I tried to peep through the car window to see how much the drinks were. I spotted a whole column of drinks on the menu worth ₱95. Wow, it was just. Too. Much. Sure, luho sa’kin yung milk tea but I would definitely not spend that much. Our budget for today was ₱50 at the most. I asked myself, “Sa’n tayo makakabili na may ganung halaga?”

Then I remembered. Oh, the milk and fruit tea stall at our school canteen! I knew that there was a branch of it somewhere in the area so we went there. Wow. It made me remember school. Definitely not in a good way, as I honestly hate the thought of anything that has to do with it, at least for now.

Wow, the neon orange-collared shirts and the red caps of the sellers definitely made me remember those days when I had to be stuck in the theater the whole day and all what I feasted on was milk tea (I didn’t like it, nakakaumay ba?). As I checked the menu to decide on what to buy, I was surprised that they sold the drinks for ₱70 (at the least).


My initial reaction was to laugh. I was tempted to leave the place but we were already there.

Me: Kuya, ba’t mas mura yung sa school namin? ₱50 lang…

Kuya: Ah! Sa Xavier?

Note: Mukha ba akong taga-Xavier?! Mein gott! Hindi naman ako lalake, diba?

Oh, right. Probably mistaken as a teacher, haha! I am cursed.

Me: Hindi, *laughs* sa Zobel, sa Alabang.

Kuya: Ah…

*tawa ulit*

Me: Minsan ba ikaw yung nandun?

Kuya: Hindi.

So I assumed… maybe it was a franchise.

Me: Pero pareho lang… diba?

*he laughs, nods shyly*

I will never forget this conversation. Ever. Why would he assume I was from Xavier? Hehe, I actually don’t blame him since it’s one of the nearest schools, so it was probably the first thing that popped up in his mind. But still… it was so funny.

He then asks me if I’m part of the volleyball team of our school. O_O Why would I be?

Kasi may inaabangan kami. *points to wall TV* Kilala niyo ba si ganito, ganyan?

They were watching a volleyball game.

I think he mistook me as a student from DLSU?

Oh, wow. Not again. Hahaha. He probably misunderstood since I said “La Salle”, and what appeared in his mind was the university. But then the negative person in me thinks, “So mukha na naman akong matanda?” Hahahaha. It’s the same thing, as always. Whether with people who personally know me or not, it’s the same old story.

Relative: Maita, anong year ka na?

Maita: Incoming third year.

Relative: …college?

Maita: Hindi, high school.


This is a true story and it happened just this week.

Now, I don’t know if looking “old-er” is a good thing or not. I know I’m short, but it doesn’t change the fact that I look old. (Sapul!)

I honestly don’t know how to conclude this.

This is a very weird post as it consists of random ramblings and a few rants in between, and a lot of Taglish right there. But I think I like it more this way.


One thought on “On Nai Cha + Looking Old-er

  1. As for being thought of as ‘old’, well, my experiences on that are numerous. When some officemate or old friend of my mom sees me, first thing they’d always say to my mom: “Mas malaki na sa’yo!” Second thing said, to me: “Anong year ka na? Graduating ka na?” And when I say third year, they always assume college.

    I wonder if the same thing applies to the, erm, ‘smaller’ generations who are younger than us.

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