Twelve Years Ago

101400. 4th Birthday.

Oh, childhood days… when all that mattered were beating that Ekans of that boy trainer on the route right before Mt. Moon and trying to become a Pokémon Master (wow, look at my shirt!)

This was my grade school yearbook baby pic. Looking back, all what I can tell myself is this: Why this picture?! (Grade school has already passed by and I realized that I haven’t even read my page on the yearbook. Ever. True. So I guess it’s time that I pull that yearbook from the dusty shelf. It’s all in the past anyway, right?) Now I know why I was never a cute kid — still am not. 😀

Rummaging through old files on this computer. Just thought of posting it in case the hard drive crashes, as it will anytime. I mean, I could have saved it in a flashdrive or attached it on e-mail instead.

But then I made a deal. 😉

Rai, siguro naman sa ganitong edad ‘di pa natin masyadong hate yung sarili natin…? Hahaha, joke lang!

One thought on “Twelve Years Ago

  1. Aaah, sadly you must speak for yourself. I was a pretty weird kid, and a crybaby, no less. Still, I guess I looked “cuter” as a baby/toddler (my mother dressed me up in the darnedest things hahah).

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