On Handwritten Notes + Things that Made me Happy Y’day

042112. I was in a bad mood yesterday afternoon for some reason I really didn’t know why. I remember having a frown on my face while I was using the computer, probably because of the really hot weather — 35.9°C, anyone? Isn’t that somewhat like the temperature in our bodies? Hah, yes, I can be short-tempered like that.

But then a lot of things that happened last night instantly changed my mood. My face lit up.

Postcard from Finland from mother-daughter Virpi and Nelli!

My mom handed me a letter. I wondered why it was in an envelope, considering all the postcards I’ve received were never placed in one.

It turned out that there were magazine clippings that came along with the postcard! Things like these make me happy, seriously. They were recipes in Finnish. I don’t understand anything, but anything written in another language always amazes and excites me. It’s beautiful. Thank you, I really appreciate it!

If anybody can read it, please enlighten me. 🙂

No… I am not ke ai! Hell no! Haha 🙂

Handwritten notes never fail to make me happy. I am very, very sentimental when it comes to letters (whether from friends during recollection/retreats or from my penpals), pictures and my diaries. They’re all well-kept.

Thank you, Josip! How thoughtful of you! Is it amazing that I can actually read everything? 哈哈

哈哈, I only wrote this once (and I was in a hurry), so please don’t judge! Haha! The “文” looks terrible, I know!

Aww. This was so nice. Really made me smile. I can’t believe people actually “look forward” to talking to me? Why, what about me? O_O

This really made me smile. If they’re not afraid of making mistakes, why can’t I be? I must learn from them.

This guy’s so nice… he sang songs of 林俊杰 and 许嵩. It was so cool! And, I forced myself to sing 听妈妈的话 with him. Only the chorus though, definitely not the rap part. Well, nothing to lose. Of course, I had some lovely pin yin lyrics to the rescue, lol. I can’t believe I sang. I sang. Over the internet. What in the world?

I knew my diction was terrible (yet he denied, yeah, haha), but it was a great experience! At least I got to sing a Chinese song with a native speaker. Next song in line: 黑色毛衣

The day I find out that the letter I had sent on report card day via snail mail has finally reached the hands of its recipient. The feeling is… unreal.

When the person said that he received it, I literally jumped and shouted like an idiot. My brother said, “Parang kang namatayan!”

You know the feeling when a letter written by a person a hundred miles from you and after a few days, it’s on your hands? (I know it doesn’t make sense.) The feeling of seeing that person’s handwriting and everything else… is the best feeling ever.

Why is “Special Delivery” stamped on the lower side of the envelope? I swear I don’t remember anything like that when I had the letter mailed!

But yes, indeed, it was a special delivery. How did the mailman know it was? 😀

I wish I had sent dried mangoes! I hope you enjoyed reading my letter, as I enjoyed writing it.

As the cliche goes, it’s really the littlest things that make one happy. 😀


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