Cha Dao

041912. We were supposed to buy milk tea from another place since I had a loyalty card and to get a free drink, you’d need to consume 10 milk tea orders. But when I read the card, the expiration date was in June. I thought, “Why would I spend ₱750 on milk tea before June? Asa.” Besides, we’ve already tried their milk tea, so I guess trying out a new one would be better. Nothing to lose!

I’ve always been curious with this tea shop along the long street of Maginhawa.

Walang label yung tissue eh… kaya napkin holder nalang. Okay naman diba? Haha.

One of the best feelings when learning a language is when you go out and see something you can actually read. You tell yourself, “Everything makes sense now…” Bliss.

I wondered what Dao in “Cha Dao” meant. As suggested by what’s written below the logo, one might think that it means “tea place”. When I went home, I did some research. I think it means “tea ceremony” (茶道). Hmm… make sense!

Cute font 🙂 Anyone know where I can download more?

I got Wintermelon Double Cream.

I know how common it is for some people (if not a lot) to make up names when the barista or cashier asks for it when ordering. Because of this not-so common name of mine, I am sometimes tempted to just say some random name so that he or she wouldn’t have to ask a million times to get the spelling of my name right. “Anong pangalan mo? Myka?” It takes numerous pronounciations of “Maita”, emphasis on the “t” sound before it is spelled right. It happens 99% of the time I buy milk tea (or anything for that matter)! I honestly don’t find it annoying — I think it’s actually funny since I get to exchange a few smiles with them as well, so yes, a friend gained on that day.

Well, having a weird name like mine has its benefits, but it’s not all the time.

Moonleaf is actually the (only) store that can spell my name right without me having to repeat it. Maybe because there are a lot of “Maita’s” in UP (asa, hasty gen!) 😀

When the cashier asked for my brother’s, he said a name (obviously a fake one) and my initial reaction was to laugh out loud. I know, I am so lame. I had to blur it out (yes, lame Photoshop skills right there) not because the name is funny (hehe, it’s not). It’s just… well, the whole situation was just too hilarious.

He got Matcha. It was so green, like pandan! It had this after-taste of jasmine.

I’ve been drinking so much these days since nai cha was my Lenten sacrifice. I was so happy I was able to fulfill my sacrifice for 40 days! I feel that it was such an achievement since it was the first time for me to abstain from something edible. The past few years, it was something related to the WWW (last year, it was Twitter). Sure, there were temptations (like when I would see a Zagu stall literally ten feet away). Hehe.

But then I feel bad for spending for something overpriced… ha, homemade 奶茶 to the rescue. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Cha Dao

  1. Maita!!! Grabe, most of the posts that I’ve read have a picture of cha!!! XD Take me to those places please!!! :DD I’m craving for milk tea right now 😦 I posted a new blog entry on my blog! 😀 you can finally read it 😛

  2. Hahahaha grabe, natawa naman ako sa comment mo! Let’s try before *ehem* iskul starts… well, not for you. Haha. May Cha Dao booth sa SM! 😀 O pwede rin Bon Appetea sa Doña Soledad! 😀

    Okay, yey! Babasahin ko na :))

  3. Yey!!! 😀 I saw it, the cha dao at sm bicutan 😀 pero didn’t have money and I’d want to experience cha wid uuuu!!!! xD

    By the way, how did you like my blog? :DD was it ok, or completey terrible? xD joke..

  4. Oh, and I can here your voice from over here!!! Your voice is sooo loud!!! xD I’m gonna hit the hay now.. goodnight 😀 Paalam!! 😛

  5. Hahaha… sige, subukan natin kapag may pagkakataon :)) Nabasa ko na! 😀 Natawa lang ako dun sa part na… you-know-what :p

  6. Hahahahaha I know it’s so embarrassing :)))))))) Pero ang dami kasing nangyayaring nakakatawa… :p Enjoy-enjoy lang. Haha!

    P.S. How come I never hear your voice? Haha! Lol.

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