Notes from my Language-Learning Notebook + Chinese Style

  • They always tell me that Taiwan and China are just one. (Alam ko ‘yon, 哈哈)
  • 大嘴巴 is kinda famous. Kinda. Some know them, not everyone from mainland knows them, one knows them by heart!
  • A couple of them said their lyrics don’t make sense. I think I’d have to agree… “I hit you with a can of Coke and you got a headache?”
  • Hah. But they’ll always be one of my favorite groups.
  • Everybody knows who Jay Chou is, but not everyone knows his songs. (I am so close-minded. x_x)
  • Just like in the Philippines, K-Pop is (even) more famous than their very own C-pop in Taiwan (no way?)!
  • A lot of them complain about China’s strict policies on education. I didn’t know they attend school on Saturdays!
  • They [always] mention about the relationship between China and the Philippines. Nagkataong may isyu ngayon, noh? (I’m here to learn Chinese, help with English and to make friends, not to talk about that! Hah, kidding.)
  • I “hate” it when they talk to me in pin yin. Isn’t it easier for them to type in Chinese characters? It makes me feel dumb-er, kasi para bang sinasabing hindi ma-handle ng brain ko yung mga characters? Hah, it’s a win-win situation. Like when someone said, “Wan an! Xie xie, wo de peng you!” It took a few seconds for my brain to process what it meant. O___O I don’t know why, but I find it harder and more complicated that way.
  • From a man’s perspective, Leehom Wang is “better” than Jay Chou.
  • They’re always shocked that a foreigner like me has a QQ account. (你好QQ International!)
  • My contacts are mostly guys. O__O
  • …and I honestly get along with them more, for some reason I don’t really know why. Probably because girls easily get tired of talking to the same person.
  • Thank God I haven’t had some green guy yet! Well, the most I got was a guy who called me “宝贝” one time. (Sorry, I had to censor my blog from the word in English.) “Don’t you say that, you are my gege… I am 6 years younger than you.” Hahaha, don’t worry, that guy got his a** kicked virtually. 😉
  • One guy sent me a screenshot of our chat window and my name on his list was 菲律宾 (Philippines in Chinese). Wth, I was annoyed… hanggang “Feilübin” lang ba tingin niya sa’kin? Lol.
  • Language barrier really sucks. No matter how much you’d want to have a good conversation with them, language doesn’t permit you to do so.
  • Don’t mention bands/singers/groups/TV shows in English because not everybody knows their English names. I have a feeling they don’t like it as well? (Do not say Jay!)
  • A lot of the people I talk to are from Hunan, Jiangsu and Guangdong.
  • All of them ask me if I’ve been to mainland China or Taiwan… no I haven’t! 😦 And may kasunod na, “I’ve only been to 香港。。。”
  • A lot like Stephanie Sun and Eason Chen. (Hmm… must be good, huh?)
  • One told me that Show Luo’s smile is something you cannot simply forget. :”) Oh really?
  • I talk to a guy who looks like Zhou Jie Lun and it disturbs me. Seriously. Haha.
  • When they tell me that they’ve been to the Philippines, they always say that they’ve only been to the “seaside”, such as Boracay and Palawan.
  • They’re shocked that I’m 15 and in high school.
  • When they ask me how I learn Chinese, they say I am so hardworking. Well, not *that* hardworking…
  • One was shocked when I knew about the Tiananmen Massacre and said that we even learned that in school. I even read my notes way back from freshman year to him!
  • Qzone (China’s Facebook counterpart) makes me happy. 哈哈~
  • Not because it is where I can rant and say anything freely without “judgment”, but because it is just a comfortable place.
  • Why does Qzone show the number of profile views, both daily and all time, as well as the people who view your profile? 为什么?It’s embarrassing! Lol.
  • I want to be fluent in Chinese. Seriously.
  • Aaah I’d do anything to be good at it. 😀 (Hmm… I seem to contradict myself now.)

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