Chinese + Grateful for Helpful Friends

I woke up to this today! And it certainly already made my day.

Come to think of it, it’s actually funny how it seems like he even has more of the motivation for me to learn and really work hard on my Chinese. I’m grateful for friends who encourage me even if I feel like I’m the biggest failure and most stubborn person out there.

Oh, he is not Chinese. But he knows Chinese. And he is very good at it. (Who can easily converse in Chinese with native speakers? O_O Isn’t it amazing? I, for the life of me, would not even attempt to do that… yet. Haha.) Meet a language buddy of mine, Josip, who is a Croatian polyglot — in layman’s terms, a multilingualist. He recently made a blog to share his adventures on languages right here on WP! (Good choice, bro! :p) Do check out his blog and hopefully, you can draw some inspiration from him. I assure you, once you close his blog’s tab on your browser, you would be itching to learn (and master) a language or two. Judging from his message above, you’ve probably thought that he’s such a  thoughtful and nice friend. I can’t attest to that!

I appreciate it, as always! Thanks! And good luck我朋友。One day we’ll have a good conversation in Chinese — no English, no Tagalog, no Chintaglish. 😉 Just plain Chinese. Ohhh, tones. Spare me. Haha.

Time to watch the videos!

P.S. What about American English? :p (HAHAHAHA kidding. Remember “favourite”? Lol)

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2 thoughts on “Chinese + Grateful for Helpful Friends

  1. This post just made my day! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful friend. 🙂 Of course, I’ll help you whenever I’ll be able to. It has always been my great pleasure! 🙂 谢谢我朋友!你的中文都很好了!加油! 🙂

  2. Hahahahahha it’s nothing, really. I’m just grateful for all the help you have given me. :)) I think this is how I can show my appreciation, at least for now… but of course it’s definitely a good conversation in Chinese :p Haha!


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