QQ Conversation: On Slang + Humor Websites

“Lol, I learned a native expression… and that’s what I cannot learn in my textbook.”

The person I was talking to during this chat might end up seeing this (but most likely not) since he is aware of this humble abode of mine on the WWW, haha. Well, anyway, hi。。。 好久不见!好想你的stories我朋友!

For some reason, the Yao Ming part still makes me laugh. Hahaha.


14 thoughts on “QQ Conversation: On Slang + Humor Websites

  1. Is the Yao Ming part about the meme? I see it everywhere too, honestly.

  2. Oo nga pala! Nabasa ko status mo sa FB. Naks, français na pala ha? YES NAMAN! Languages rule!!! How was it? Was it the Rosetta Stone program you were talking about? Or…? Kwento ka naman! 😀

    Bonjour Raissa! Je m’appelle Maita. 😉

  3. Forgive me if that was wrong. :)) I need to ask my French-speaking friend for help. :))

    Oh wait, you can correct that! :)) So tama ba? HAHA :p

  4. Eeeeeh. =)) wait lang. Kinakapa ko pa (di ko pa masyadong ‘gets’ ang WP).

    Yiiizz. In-enroll ako ng mom ko sa edu-care (in the mall in EDSA Shangri-la). Sayang nga eh, I’ll miss one session (conflict with LSPCON) and that’s forfeited (group teaching kasi). I still want to get RosettaStone, though 😀

    Bonjour Maita! Comment allez-vous? 😉

    That was right HAHAH I only learned greetings today.

  5. AAAAHHH!! Bakit ka may lessons O___O Bwiset what is life :))))))))) May Chinese lessons nga sa UP Linguistics… pero may bayad (malamang) … hayz buhay. Oh well, I guess I just have to stick to my self-study tactics and the help all my language buddies can give me, as I help them with English and Tagalog. :)) Have fun, love the language and get to know fellow language-lovers there!

    You’ll need practice… a lot. I suggest you talk to native speakers online as well (whether through chat or voice chat — or kung gusto mo, video chat HAHAHA jk), and don’t be a dimwit who won’t even dare open her mouth and try to say something in the language she tries to learn. *wink, wink*

    Kumusta naman? Puro ba kayo bata? Tell me more!

    And you thought your summer was gonna be unproductive. Hah. Way to go, Raissa! Your summer is very memorable, berigud.

    Look whose precious summer is wasted day by day. 😉 //wrist

  6. Malamang, alamang. HAHAH wala nang free sa mundo, medyo kailangan nating i-expect na yan hahah. Good luck with self-learning 😉

    I don’t know much yet! It’s only a starter class so (as I’ve said) greetings pa lang kami for the first session. I like our teacher’s method, pero mahirap kasi kapaan lang (we have to understand his actions, facial expressions, accents to derive the meaning. Fun, but quite time-consuming). As far as practice goes… di ko pa kaya (I wouldn’t be able to have a decent conversation hahah).

    Actually, it was supposed to be a 5-12 group (at least from what I’ve read in their brochure) but since it didn’t bother me (and the 16-y/o brother of one of my ‘classmates’), I was added in the group. Basically, it’s me, an eight-going-on-nine y/o girl, and two guys (an 11y/o and the 16y/o bro of the almost-9y/o). The teacher’s pretty cool since he’s travelled a lot (he was born in Africa, somewhere near Europe, I think). That’s it, I think.

    Hahah, but honestly, I don’t think 8 sessions is enough -.- But better something than nothing, anyway.


  7. Oh, wow! Foreigner pala yung nagtuturo sa inyo :)) Sosyal man niyan ah! Hahahaha.

    Type mo siya, yung kaklase niyo? :> HAHAHAHA my brain. O__O

    I forgot to ask :)) Why French?

    Yeah, I, Maita, ay unproductive. :))

  8. Yup! He’s cool, hahah. I would like to travel like him (and sadly, my 11y/o classmate is more well-traveled than I am).

    Hinde. =))))) Alam mo naman ako~

    Well, my mom was giving me choices–Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin, to name a few, but she just asked me what I would really like so that she’d enroll me in something I’d want to learn. I said I was fine with any (I JUST WANNA LEARN A LANGUAGE). Sadly, the Mandarin classes already started, so she just enrolled me in French (they weren’t able to form a class for the others–if I’d enrolled in those, it’s REALLY expensive since it would be one-on-one).

    I ay? =)) joke lang. pero I bet you’re doing SOMETHING. hahah I’m just simming. SHOW ME A PICTURE OF YOUR SIMS~

  9. Malay mo… you never know what’d happen. :> (OMG my braaaaaaaain kmn)

    Mandarin? Omg seryoso? You wanted to learn that? Unbelievable, Raissa, unbelievable. I did not think. At all. Omg. =))))))) AHHHH may kasundo na sana ako joke lang :)))) Pero seryoso? I’m amazed!

    Oh, I see, I see! Naks, sige sa May, let’s communicate in French. Wahahaha. :)) Oo nga noh. Ba’t “I ay”?! =)))))

    Hahahahaha. Well I cannot be doing nothing since I would be stupid if I would be being nothing during this precious summer. 😉 Buti ka pa, at least nakaka-Sims! Hahahahaha if I could only show you, sira yung computer na may Sims :/ But I remember saving one for my blog! I’ll look for it :p

  10. Hindee, di ko type bro hahah. pero inggit ako kasi he and his sister are going to Paris -.- GUSTO KO MAG-TRAVEL HAHAH

    I want to be multilingual 😀 If I have to choose, I guess it’s not my first choice, but I would lmaitaove to learn it someday 😀 or some form of Chinese. Is there another? (I’m so clueless about this lol my mom never told me anything about our ~*heritage*~)

    bwahahha I don’t know how to construct a sentence. I do know how to greet, how to say thank you, how to say goodbye, and what to call members of a family. HAHAH we’re learning sentence construction next week (we have to go at the pace of the 9-y/o, and she and her brother are usually late).

    nilagay mo kasi “I, Maita, ay unproductive”. REMEMBER ENGLISH IF YOU REMOVE THE APPOSITIVE omg I retained something HAHAH

    WHAAAAAT can’t you install Sims or something 😦 omg I cannot imagine my life without Sims HAHAHAH

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