A Survey at 1 AM Because I Can’t Sleep

How many songs do you have in your iPod?
I honestly don’t know… iTunes crashed, haha. More than 100 but less than 200.

What do you think of Miley Cyrus?
I don’t know! Haha. Nothing.

Have you ever killed a cat on the street?

What brand of clothing are you wearing right now?
*checks tag* It’s written in Chinese, haha. I’ll get back to this when I’m wearing a different shirt!

Do you own a Prada bag?
Nope. Should I? *defensive mode, haha*

Do you want an iPhone?
The only reason why I’d want one is because of Instagram. Hah. Even if it’s already available on Android, I don’t anymore… I also realized that I don’t want Instagram either. Well, I am very happy with Pixlr, PicPlz and LittlePhoto! :p

Do you still use the same bedsheets as you did when you were a kid?
Yeah? Haha.

Do you like eating burritos?
Yes. 😀

What would you do if a guy told you that you were smokin’ hot?
Ewan. My face –> /–b (If you use QQ, type this, haha.)

Ever experienced snow?
No. I haven’t. 😦 MLIA!

Is Anime for geeks and losers?
Neither! Why stereotype people because of their likes?

Ever fell off a vehicle/motorcycle and got scarred?
No, but I often fall off my bike!

What was the longest time you spent taking a bath?
Wo bu zhi dao…

Sunny or rainy weather?
Rainy! Seriously… the heat is killing me.

How do you feel about screamo songs?
I really don’t know… does it hurt their throats? Haha.

Would you prefer to go to school with or without a uniform?
With, definitely!

Would you prefer to study in a different country?
Well, it would be a dream to be a foreign exchange student even just for a sem in college! Or even now. Zhong guo here I come! Haha.

If so, which country is it?
中国大陆 or 台湾。Or anywhere, as in anywhere really! You don’t know how much I enjoy culture. 🙂

Ever been in a desert?
No! But I want to!

Do you want this survey to end?
Eh… not really.

Have you ever brushed your hair while taking a shower?
With my hands, yeah? 😀

Do you like eating Rice Krispy’s?
Yeah, it’s okay.

Taco Bell or Del Taco?
Del Taco? We don’t have that here. Haha.

Mcdonald’s or Burger King?

Making out or cuddling?
What… I am not the right person to ask. O_O Haha.

This survey has just ended, hope you had fun!
[ Love from ServinSurveys dot multiply dot com ]


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Currently eating: Indian Mango

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