Easter Lunch: Yabu + J. CO


Had lunch at Yabu, a Japanese restaurant located at Megamall last Sunday. It was also a birthday lunch for tita.

Man vs. Food.

Food wins. πŸ˜€


Unlimited salad. Hehe. Sarap.


I have this weird habit of taking pictures of tissue when I’m at a restaurant… I wonder if anybody else does this?


Had a Mr. Green T donut at J. CO. It tastes like… green tea! Haha. It had a cream filling inside which made my throat hurt after. I hate how sensitive I am to sweets, especially chocolate. ε₯ΆθŒΆ is not even an exception. 😦


Too pretty to drink.

The Lord is risen. Happy Easter!


5 thoughts on “Easter Lunch: Yabu + J. CO

  1. *le gasp* food. looks so good… gah. especially that cappuccino (is it a cappuccino? I’m not the biggest fan of coffee, really. I only drink the occasional Frappuccino ’round Christmas time.) at the end.

    As for hurting throats, I don’t think there are any exceptions. The question would be how much you love that sweet–enough to suffer afterwards? Hahah.

    Belated happy easter πŸ˜€

  2. Yes, it is Cappuccino! πŸ˜€ I know, Starbucks, right? Haha.

    Haha, natawa ako dun. Promise. =)) Pero seryoso, isang kagat lang ng chocolate, sore throat na agad. Hah.

    Happy Easter!! Go WP blogger! :p

  3. Forgive me if I have an affection for the peppermint. It blends well with their Caramel Frappuccino (but maybe that’s just me).

    Eh ganun eh, anong magagawa ko =))) That’s the reason I’ve been cutting back on chocolates… until recently (Andes Peppermint Thins is my worth-it-sweet).

    HINDI PA =)))))))))) (WP blogger, obviously, kasi tapos na ang Easter hahah)

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