Screenshots | 040712

Number of unread messages on e-mail. I’m so lazy to read and delete. ๐Ÿ˜€


My very first status update on Facebook. “I’m bored!”? #relevant

You can count the number ofย  my status updates with your fingers, haha.


Wee, the languages of my life. โค I hope I could add more to my list.

Google Translate for the win!


Currently opened tabs (sans WordPress).


How my contacts are grouped on QQ. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Number of tweets on Twitter. Didn’t log-in for eight months… Twitter’s atmosphere has changed.

I wonder how some people reach 17,326 tweets?


Saved searches on Twitter. Hahaha, nakakatawa. Matagal na ‘to!


Unread messages on Facebook. Heh, I’ve read them on my e-mail.


Currently playing. If there’s a K-pop group I really like, it’s B2ST. ๆœ€็ˆฑ๏ผ


9 thoughts on “Screenshots | 040712

  1. What’s your twitter? Hahah, saw this and checked my own Twitter. I don’t understand it… don’t think I ever did.

  2. The what? What don’t you understand? Sorry, my brain is not functioning well. Hahaha. =))

    My username is the same as my blog name. ๐Ÿ˜€ Huy, nakita ko Twitter mo dati. :p Weeee!

  3. Twitter. Di ko gets. =))

    AHAHAHAHAH i have 100+ tweets lang and I don’t really understand what in the world I was tweeting about.

  4. Di ko rin gets. =))

    Hahaha omg. Natawa ako dun grabe, seryoso. Hahahahah.

    Yes naman! No more anonymous comments! O yeah!

  5. we-e-ell, I still don’t see the purpose of it for normal people. Celebrities use it to ‘update’ people of their lives. That’s good, but normal people updating people of their lives is just weird hahah.

    EH it’s true I’m reading along and I really didn’t understand what the hell I was tweeting.

    HAHAH pero no picture pa rin for now kaya ganyan ang icon haha.

  6. I feel you, haha. Well, I might sound like a hypocrite since I’ve been recently tweeting (pero 99% ng tini-tweet ko tungkol sa PBB, haha) but, “Kumakain ng pagkain!” Hahahaha, really??? Oooo, tell me more. :>
    (Tinagalog ko lang para hindi ma-offend yung mga nag-Iingles. =)))

    Joke lang ‘yun. :)) Pero seryoso.

    Hay, I guess everybody who has used Twitter even just for a short time in their life has gone through that stage. :))

    Blog mo? :p

  7. Because there are millions of people who anticipate your every move, you must document it in Twitter.

    eh kasi naman eh =)))))

    I don’t even want to read back. I am ashamed of you, past self. =.=

    I MADE IT PRIVATEEEEEE (I need to change some things but not now because I’m lazy hahah)

  8. Why are you ashamed of your past self… it is what made you today (hahahah may ganun?) Ang cheesy ko bwisit :))

    Magtatampo ako sayo. Joke. =)))))))))) Sige na! Haha

  9. AHAHAHAH weeeeeew deep feelings and stuff

    I mean, don’t you ever get those days when you look back to all the things you’ve done and you think, “What the hell, why the hell…”

    ^ my state of mind everyday.

    AHAHAHAHHA wait lang I will edit it!! =))

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